The Hunger Games Cast Gallery: Meet the Growing Gang of Newbies 'n' Hotties

Meet the hottest cast in Hollywood: resumes, relationships and really attractive headshots

By Ted Casablanca, Aly Weisman, Ivana Dukanovic May 09, 2011 2:11 PMTags
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If you haven't been keeping up with The Hunger Games, you are missing out on some serious casting calls that could be setting the stage for a new generation of Clooneys, Pitts and Jolies.

Aside from the recent A-list inductees—Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson—most of this cast is filled with young, fresh faces and a few others you recognize from television. Now, hold your breath because this is one long list of hungry onscreen combatants to take in at once:

Which is why we are letting you stare at their pretty, and soon-to-be big-time faces in our new gallery, instead!

Suzanne Collins' chilling adventure series is one that has been whispered about as giving both Twilight and Harry Potter a run for their franchise money. With several installations coming, we can expect to see very much of this cast throughout the following years, and it is only right that the public get to learning these new names. They're totally worth it, trust!

From foreign-born actors like Dayo Okeniyi to young L.A. natives like Amandla Stenberg, there are some new talents who will be making or breaking this brilliant trilogy. And we have a feeling it will be way more hit than miss, especially since there are some acting veterans on set, as well.

We have thoroughly expressed our excitement for a few of Lionsgate's more experienced choices, such as Elizabeth Banks, who we knew from day one would blow director Gary Ross out of the water for a second time!

While funnygal Banks has a more detailed resume than the rest of her fellow cast mates, she will face a challenge—aside from acting out the brutal games themselves that the rest of the young H-towners have to—which will be acting out death-defying parts perhaps they can't fully relate to.

But, we have faith. As we cross our fingers until next year's release date, check out all the new faces, and drool over some of our favorite old ones (yes you, Liam) in our Hunger Games cast gallery!