Chaz Bono to Oprah: There's No Doubt My Mom Loves Me

Sonny and Cher's daughter Chastity has transitioned from female to male. Find out what he's telling Oprah Winfrey today

By Marc Malkin May 09, 2011 4:55 PMTags

If by some chance you haven't heard that Sonny Bono and Cher's daughter Chastity is now Chaz, you will certainly be hearing about it in the next week or so...a lot.

In short, Chastity began transitioning from female to male in the last couple of years or so. He's made no secret that his mom's acceptance and understanding hasn't come overnight…

Bono says on today's Oprah Winfrey Show today that most assume his mom would have no problems with her daughter being transgendered because "she has this personality of being so kind of cool about stuff and progressive.

"People," Bono said, "forget that she's a parent."

Bono's new memoir Transition goes on sale this week. Becoming Chaz, a documentary about his experience, premieres tomorrow night on OWN with the launch of The Doc Club With Rosie O'Donnell as Winfrey attempts to do for documentaries what she has done for books.

Bono says that his mom may still be struggling, but he knows he has it a lot better than others in the transgendered community. "The truth is a lot of parents never speak to their transgendered kids again," said Bono, who appears on Oprah with his fiance Jennifer Elia. "That's not the case in my family. There's not doubt about her love for me."

Oprah certainly isn't the only one chatting with Bono. I sat down with him a few days ago. I'll have that story for you right here on Thursday. It's an absolutely fascinating journey of courage and conviction. Bravo, Chaz!