Grey's Anatomy Redux: Two Weddings and No Funeral

Everything you need to know about this week's episode, plus scoop on what's ahead

By Christina Dowling May 06, 2011 4:00 AMTags
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We admit it, for a group of TV journalists with coal in the place our hearts should be, we do watch an obscene amount of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. No, it's not because we believe in love and happily ever afters, but we do love weddings. Open bar, passed hors d'oeuvres and scoping out the cute groomsmen...what could be better?

But TV weddings are even more fun because of the drama!  And of course Grey's Anatomy knows how to bring all kinds of heartfelt stuff on the big day.

How many couples made it down the aisle? Are the newlyweds getting a baby? Which doc could moonlight as a small animal vet? We got all the rundown on the old, the new and the not so blue…


Meet the Parents: Oh, in-laws can be tricky and Mark (Eric Dane) has only ever been able to impress one parent, Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry). If that isn't a sign that Mark and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) should be together, well then we don't know what is. But we digress. Mark isn't making the best impression on his baby mama's parents. However, in the darkest moment, Mark really stepped up in all the right ways. He comforted Arizona and knew when to bring out the big guns of Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to talk Callie (Sara Ramirez) back into wedded bliss.

Lesbian Fiancé Bastard Child: Whoa there, mother- monster-in-law. We know you didn't just call Arizona and baby Sofia that. OK, you didn't say those words exactly, but you definitely implied as much. We understand that Mrs. Torres has deep Catholic beliefs and all that, but we like to think if you came thatclose to losing your daughter mere months before, you'd be a little lenient on the whole "going to hell" thing.


Bailey the Babynapper: We love that we can always count on Bailey as the voice of reason. And she always has the best speeches. That lady needs to get on the motivational speaker circuit, stat. She really put everything about church and God and marriage into such a nice succinct package. Preach it, sister!

Dr. Pretty Eyes, Pet Detective: Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is cute. Wait, there's more: He's funny too. And he's sick of taking care of his lab mice. We can't really blame him, cleaning mouse cages isn't the same as cutting into a human body. But when he massaged a mouse back to life, we swooned. We realize that might make us a little crazy, but run with us here. We like guys who like dogs, but in this special case, for Jackson Avery, we'll extend the rule to include rodents as well. This is where our Team Sloan versus Team Avery alliances get all sorts of blurred.

The Princess Brides: Can we just get an "Awwwwwww"? Such a perfect wedding for Callie and Arizona. After all they've gone through this season they needed a really good day like this.  The dresses, the flowers, the big giant veil that Callie had made to match her mother's, and the juxtaposition to the less-traditional wedding of Meredith and Derek was pretty darn great.

Going to the Courthouse: And MerDer got married! Yes, yes, we know Shonda Rhimes said they were already Post-It married, but this time it's official. We've been pleasantly surprised by this development, but mostly because we want Meredith and Derek to adopt that adorable African orphan. They need that baby yesterday. So of course we'll get our hopes up and then they'll be dashed by season's end.

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Honeymoon Phase: To say Callie and Arizona have gone through a lot this season would be an understatement. Breakup, unexpected pregnancy, life threatening car wreck, it would be just mean to put them through much more. Grey's scribe Stacy McKee tells us things are going to be smooth sailing, for now. Dun dun dun.

How's a Girl to Choose? Oh poor Lexie, she has two gorgeous men fighting over her. We do admit at this point we don't know which way she'll go, but Stacy McKee says the Slexie love is still there. But is love really enough to overcome those gorgeous green eyes on Avery?

Bye-Bye, Teddy? Will Teddy take Dr. Andrew Perkins up on his offer to move to Germany? Cristina might be right; at this point, Teddy does just seem to be nursing a bruised ego, so maybe it's time to hit the road. Read our interview with James Tupper for all the scoop.

So, what'd you think about tonight's episode, Grey's watchers? Was it a nice day for a white wedding? How much do you want Meredith and Derek to adopt that baby? Has Teddy bought her ticket to Germany yet? Hit the comments and let us know!