Woody Harrelson

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Dear Ted:
Woody Harrelson
for Haymitch?! Woody?! I just cannot see him in that role at all! Personally, I love Gerard Butler for the part. I was even OK with John C. Reilly, but Woody? I sure hope not! I do however love Wes Bentley for Seneca Crane. He is looking very well after all the turmoil after the American Beauty success. Think this could prove to be a comeback for that sexy man?

Dear On-Off Target:
Most definitely, because The Hunger Games is going to be a huge platform for all actors involved—regardless of their professional needs (or not). Also, get a little love in your hear for taking Haymitch outta the ordinary with a crazy dude like Harrelson. Know how we've also been saying Robert Downey Jr. wouldn't be so bad for the part? Well, there's not that much distance between a Downey Jr. and a Harrelson.

Dear Ted:
First, love the idea of morning and afternoon Bitch-Backs! Hope that continues! As to Shellack Attack, is she primarily know for her musical or thespian talents?
—Yoga Queen

Dear Morning 'Til Night:
Shellack would have to be qualified more for her thespian talents, certainly not musical.

Dear Ted:
Are you planning to cover any Cannes Film Festival celeb gossip/stories by chance? With Woody Allen premiering Midnight in Paris and Uma Thurman and Jude Law being judges, there will surely be some juicy action at the festival, and for those who plan to star watch, Z Plage beach bar at the Hotel Martinez is the place to be.

Dear Bar Babe:
You mean that's where Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are going to finally have (full) sex in public? I'm in!

Dear Ted:
It pains me to say I've been skipping the Bitch-Backs! ever since it became a hypothetical casting couch for The Hunger Games. More gossip, please! I really don't care who anyone thinks would work in any of these roles. Let's get back to the dirt.

Dear Hear We Go Again:
I seem to recall this chorus when I started writing about a little thing called Twilight. Hey, check out the three-way Blind Vice today if Hunger bores you so!

Dear Ted:
Thinking outside the box regarding Shellack Attack. She is not a brunette, she is young and not as curvy as Beyoncé. Is it Julianne Hough? You never said she was an actress, just famous, and I would consider Ryan Seacrest A-list. Am I close?
Dollie Hendrix (via Facebook)

Dear Face Time:
Nope, not really, though I do really admire your line of thinking. It's true, Shellack isn't necessarily thought of first as an actress, though, she definitely is one.

Dear Ted:
Demi Moore
's face looks like it keeps getting tighter and tighter. Pretty soon she will be smiling out of her crotch. Please tell your friend George Clooney to marry his girlfriend, Einstein, I mean Elisabetta. How many years do you have to date an American before you can speak in complete sentences? I bet the deep, meaningful conversations they have go on for hours...I sooo think he should marry her. Is Shellack Cameron Diaz?
Miss P

Dear Jealous:
In order you asked: yes, probably, no, 262 (obviously), don't you know it. Not me! No.

Dear Ted:
Yeah I'm sure Kristen Stewart's eye is really wandering from Rob.
Peggy Warren (via Facebook)

Dear Pithy:
I assume you're talking about our piece on K.Stew perhaps wanting Robert Pattinson's company more to herself at big events? Sarcasm is always the sign of a grain of truth.

Dear Ted:
I'd love to know more about Shellack Attack's boyfriend! Can you tell us more about him? Surely an A-lister with a time-bomb temper must have his own Blind Vice. If not, it sounds like he will soon!

Dear Back-Door Approach:
They're in similar lines of work; though, that's not how they met. I doubt highly he will ever reach her level of fame—which, of course, could be the whole reason he's with her. 

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