Sarah Palin, Dina Lohan, Amber Portwood, Courtney Love, Candy Spelling

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We love our mothers and so should you (Ted's not sure, so he's staying away from this one). Well, that is, if you aren't one of the many starlets whose mothers have taken advantage—and worse—neglected them over the years.

So standard of us to list Dina Lohan as one of the worst mothers ever, but the woman does take the cake in the freeloading department. And we are sure her daughter Lindsay Lohan will honor that pocket-picking this Sunday, right?

At least Lindsay can be thankful she doesn't have to deal with one of the most divisive, gun-toting females on the planet this Mother's Day. You know, Sarah Palin? Poor Bristol—who is a smidge better as a mother herself—couldn't even win Dancing With the Stars last season, but politely, didn't blame it on her mama, who doesn't seem to mind it a bit when her daughters shoot off their anti-gay mouths.

Another grandma who makes one infamously bad mother is Candy Spelling, known for her persistent public bashing of her daughter. The woman will probably be bitch-fighting with her first-born, Tori Spelling in her grave, even though we hear the two have supposedly reconciled. No one likes a mother who can't keep her trap shut in public.

To make mommy matters worse, there's a new generation of insane and wannabe milfs taking over even reality Hollywood, and Teen Mom's Amber Portwood takes the crown.

Even after her numerous arrests, the young mom won't learn. We swear, there are times we think that precious baby of hers is just going to crawl off while Amber is too busy bitching at her baby daddy.

Historically, though, nothing beats a chemically dubious mother like Courtney Love, who was rumored to have taken drugs while pregnant with now 18-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Love denied it, admitted it, denied it, and then lost custody of her daughter 11 years later after overdosing on OxyContin. No surprise Frances took out a restraining order on her mother in 2009.

But since it is Mother's Day, and the women did balloon for some nine months, we'll take all the rumored and semi-true rough love with a grain of salt, if not the whole shaker.

Enjoy your, let's hope, relaxing and bicker-free Sundays, while we decide which of you is the nastiest mother of all.

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