Marie Osmond and Five Other Stars Who Remarried Their Exes

Unfortunately, Marie Osmond, we don't have a lot of happy tales to tell…

By Joal Ryan May 05, 2011 9:02 PMTags
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Marie Osmond's remarriage to first (and now third) husband Stephen Craig may have come as a surprise, but Hollywood itself is steeped in marital do-overs.

Here are five other stars who said "I do," followed by "I don't," followed by, "Well, all right. But just one more time…"

1. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton: They loved, they laughed, they, um, couldn't quite coordinate their drinking (at least not, per Burton's own diary entries). In any case, the two crazy kids married in 1964, divorced in 1974, remarried in 1975, redivorced in 1976 and basically kept things going in one form or another until his death in 1984. (And, sorry, Osmond, but this is about as sunny as the remarriage tales here get.)

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2. Eminem and Kim Mathers: There's a reason a dead-wrong rumor about the rapper and the former Mrs. Mathers remarrying gained enough traction last year to warrant a statement: The two, as his song catalog suggests, have a long, fitful history. For those keeping score at home, the fun couple married in 1999, split in 2001, reupped in 2006 before re-divorcing less than a year later. 

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3. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner: They were a breathtakingly beautiful young couple; too young, they'd later say. She was only 23 when their four-and-a-half-year marriage ended in 1962. They moved onto to other partners, and other spouses. Then, in 1972, the sea brought them together: A chance meeting on an ocean liner led to their remarriage later that year. The sea took them apart for good in 1981 when Wood drowned in waters near Southern California's Catalina Island.

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4. Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson: The Hollywood wild child, daughter of Birds star Tippi Hedren, was 14 when she moved in with the 22-year-old up-and-comer. They wed about five years later, in 1976. But matching shag haircuts couldn't keep them together, and they split in 1978. In 1989, after both had grown up and grown into stardom, he lent her support during a rehab stint for alcohol, and they remarried. The second time didn't take, though, and they filed for divorce again in 1994.

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5. Lana Turner and Stephen Crane: Like Taylor, Turner was a much-married (and once-remarried) movie goddess. Turner's do-over was with a bank broker whom she (first) wed in 1942. About seven months later, the union was annulled "on the ground…[that Crane's] previous wife divorce was not final," the press reported at the time. Two months after that, Turner and Crane up and remarried in Tijuana 'cause, among other contributing factors, a baby was on the way. And then, in 1944, it was over for good. Turner married and divorced five more times; her and Crane's baby grew up to star in a Hollywood saga that's a whole other story.