Kristen Stewart

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Dear Ted:
I'm smitten with the Proenzna Schouler boys, Lazaro and Jack. I think they are dreamy looking. What do you think of their friendship with K.Stew? I think it's a win for the duo and for Kristen, too.

Dear Onto Something:
Us, too! Don't think Kristen Stewart could have sent a better communication to Robert Pattinson—who, good excuses always, is too often not at K.Stew's side for these major events she attends. Nobody understands how much Kristen doesn't really dig these things better than Rob, yet he's always leaving Kristen to her own devices and to fend for herself. Gotta say picking the Proenza boys couldn't have been a better media message to Rob, which is: Next time, buster, it will be just one hot guy, so watch out!

Dear Ted:
Any dish on this new "rough patch" between Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli? Or is Leo being linked to Blake Lively again?

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Dear Are You Serious?:
We've been saying for-evuh how Leo and Bar will always be on and off, and not really because of Bar. She's a beauty and a catch, to be sure. Leo is just really much more George Clooney than people (and Leo) like to admit. Always wants to be with the boys and play, in the end.

Dear Ted:
I'm dying to know, what are you thoughts on Glee's "Blind Item" themed episode? I say, in honor of the episode, you should have a special Glee-themed Blind Vice! And would you ever appear on "Fondue for Two"?

Dear Get With It:
Darling have, done oodles of Glee Vices, only they're not all labeled Glee, directly. But, gotta tell you, for such a supposedly virginal show, they're downright debauched over on the Fox set! And would I only appear on "Fondue" if I could guest-edit The Muckraker, thanks!

Dear Ted:
Bradley Cooper dumped Renée Zellweger 'cause the broad was getting too serious on him, now here he is with Jen Aniston, do you think he will do the same to her or will Jen be the one holding all the cards in this game?!

Dear Behind:
Jen already holds all the cards. She's not interested in Bradley the same way Renée was.

Dear Ted:
I know you want Brad Pitt but what about Gary Oldman for Haymitch? So glad this Twilight nonsense is almost over, The Hunger Games is where it's at!

Dear On Crack:
"Twilight nonsense is almost over?" There are two more friggin' movies to go, plus, who knows what the hell Summit's cooking up with Stephenie Mormon-Meyer to torture us with next! Not big on Oldman, though. Haymitch, tough as he is, still needs to have a heart. Actually, Woody Harrelson's not such a bad idea, eh?

Dear Ted:
Is Beyonce Shellack Attack?

Dear Det. Diva:
Not a bad guess, best one outside of the box (which is precisely where you need to be for this one). But, think not quite that curvy.

Dear Ted:
Did you see Taylor Swift and Ashley Greene hugging it out on the red carpet @ the Met Gala! What's your take on this, real deal or just for show for the camaras? What do you feel Joe Jonas feels about his to exes being all friendly all of a sudden?!

Dear Honestly:
I think the three of them couldn't be happier with the arrangement.

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