Top Chef Masters

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Who tunes into Top Chef Masters to see some of the world's best chefs competing in a fast-food restaurant? I certainly don't.

But that's what we were served last night, when the cheftestants not only did had to prepare the menu, but run the place, too. Blech!

Last night's eliminated chef wasn't too thrilled with the concept, either. Read on to find out what he just told me. Plus, did he really make host Curtis Stone sick?

George Mendes, Top chef Masters


New York based chef George Mendes was sent home last night after failing to impress the judges with his pork-and-clam combo. Judge James Oseland went so far as to say it was one of the ugliest dishes he had ever seen.

Do you think you deserved to go home last night?
It could have been someone else, but at the end of the day the judges felt that my dish did not live up to fast-food expectations and they made the decision. I'm totally fine with it. Honestly, I felt my dish was very tasty and I disagree with the judges saying it was not looking pretty on the plate. I thought it was perfect.

James was a bit dramatic, don't you think? The ugliest food he had ever seen? Really?
Yeah, maybe a little bit too dramatic. But you know, he spoke his mind and I'm totally fine with that. I respect his decisions. One day, though, you will see fast-food locations where you drive up and you can have pork and clams. [Laughs.]

And I have to be honest with you, I don't watch Top Chef Masters to see you working in fast-food restaurants. I want to watch you do masterful, inspired dishes.
I agree with you. But it's a challenge and it was a hard one—and basically, it's entertainment.

In your exit interview on the show you said you think your dish in the bug challenge made Curtis sick. Is that true?
I can't confirm that he was sick but he definitely looked pale.

Will you ever cook with bugs again?
No! No desire. Never have, never will!

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