When Lea Michele heard that her summer Glee tour would be made into a 3-D movie, her first thought was about herself. And particularly, how one famous feature of hers would look on the big screen.

"My nose is gonna be insane," she laughed, talking last night to E! News in Hollywood. "People are gonna put on those glasses, and I feel bad for them!"

But just don't feel bad for the Glee starlet, who's having quite the epic week:

She could hardly believe it herself that she got to attend the Met Gala in NYC this week.

No, seriously. She told us that she was just waiting for the party's famed hostess to come and kick her out.

"I felt like, at any minute, Anna Wintour was gonna come up to me and be like, 'Out!' " Lea told E! News last night.

Thankfully, that didn't happen, but the Glee diva said she was definitely starstruck by all the A-listers in one place.

"It was outrageous," she marveled, talking at her show's Academy screening and Q&A last night in Hollywood. "You never think you're gonna be in that room with all those fantastic people!"

Lea is also excited for their big upcoming prom episode, which was very different from her actual high school dance.

"This one was in the gym. Mine was at some rooftop in New York City. I prefer this one so much more!" she said.

—Reporting by Chris Hall

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