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Dear Ted:
I've read the Vices for a while now, and I loved Glee's little Blind shout-out from the Muckraker episode...maybe Lea Michele and the cast's way of letting you know they still keep up with what you're saying about them? But I've never guessed on one of yours before. So, instead, how about a hint? Does Shellack Attack have a sexy accent to match her sexy curves?

Dear Foxy Hints:
Firstly, nobody at Glee ever said the Awful Truth was their inspiration for the blind-item show, but let's get real: They only came out with that idea right after we wrote about their horny and hell-raising cast. Whatever. We adore Glee; they can copy us all they want! We also adore Shellack, who hardly speaks with an accent, unless you count "truck driver" as some kind of parlance.

Dear Ted:
Since January Jones is refusing to name her baby-daddy, it has me wondering if it's because she doesn't really know. From everything I've read about her and the vibe I get from seeing her, she seems maybe more than a little skanky. What do you think?

Dear Sexist:
I think you're making some astonishing leaps, just because a public figure—who admittedly loves to party—chooses not to declare her child's dad. Lot's of people don't reveal their coparents (Elton John, for example). You're smelling something else, based entirely on the fact that January adores having a good time, which, in case I need to remind you, is sort of what Hollywood is famous for. Chill out.

Dear Ted:
Is Shellack Attack Sofia Vergara?

Dear You, Too?
I think, S., above, was also hinting that Shellack, the sexy gal who's two-timing her man, might be Vergara. It's not. Couldn't be more different in all aspects of their personas, not to mention hair color.

Dear Ted:
Have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's attitude toward privacy changed in the last year or so? In the beginning, you alluded to the fact they both were very private people. Now you are mentioning that they will be displaying more PDAs as Breaking Dawn promotion nears. When did their approach change and why?

Dear Devil Doll:
Never really said it changed, per se, but I do think both beauties are more comfortable now with their star status—certainly much more than they were a couple of years ago. And with that comfort comes the ability to kiss in public once and a while. Thank heaven!

Dear Ted:
How much additional mental abuse can a cheated-on, ex-wife take? I am speaking, of course, about the loathsome Jesse James, now making the rounds on TV flogging his new book. Don't you think it's beyond tasteless that he dishes the details on telling Sandra Bullock about his multiple infidelities and, worse, raving about Kat Von D's skills between the sheets? Yes, Sandra has shown herself to be a strong, gracious woman, but this is a new low.

Dear Don't Sweat It:
The more you get outraged over James and his (I completely agree) tasteless ass, just think about the fact that Sandra's really moved on and that outrage is exactly what Jesse—and his publishers—would like. Bad taste sells book, remember.

Dear Ted:
What is up with Kristen Stewart not even making it on to Maxim's Top 100 list? While I didn't expect her in the top 25, I would have definitely put her ahead of some of the females listed.

Dear She's Lucky:
Pin-up material, Kristen is not.

Dear Ted:
I just have to say I find it hilarious that Liam Hemsworth is all pissy with his brother for winning the part of Thor. I mean, come on! Chris is clearly a man and the other one is still just a little boy. Kudos to the casting director on that one!

Dear Too Picky:
You forget that dating Miley Cyrus (for two rounds, no less) ages a man unnaturally. So be more open in your opinion, please.

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