Check Out Hugh Hefner's Wedding Invitation!

With his big day just over a month away, the groom-to-be tweets the invite

By EOL Staff May 04, 2011 9:20 PMTags
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With his wedding day just over a month away, Hugh Hefner is proudly sharing with the world what those being invited can expect to find in their mailboxes.

Yep. Hef tweeted out a pic today of the invitation that "requests the pleasure of your company" when he exchanges vows with fiancée Crystal Harris on June 18 at the Playboy Mansion.

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"Friends and family are already receiving our wedding invitation," he wrote.

Hefner asked for Harris' hand in marriage last Christmas. The two began dating almost two years ago.

We can only assume, of course, there's one in the mail for Kendra. At least there better be!