Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Krista Mills, Maxim

Maxim; Ben Fernon

A dark silhouetted model with a super curvy bod, full lips and light hair is proudly displayed on the cover of Maxim magazine's Hot 100 issue. And the question: "Who Is #1?"

It was revealed yesterday that the numero uno spot went to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—Victoria's Secret model, Megan Fox's Transformers replacement and Jason Statham's boo.

But who is the chick in that super sexy cover shot for the special section in the mag?

Although she bears a striking resemblance, it ain't Rosie!

The good-looking gal on the cover is actually lesser-known model Krista Mills. If you haven't heard of this Maryland resident before, you can check out more of her bikini shots here and a video of the hottie here.

"I want people to realize it's me!" Mills reveals to us exclusively. "It seems everyone thinks it's Rosie! I love her but that cover shot is me. People are reporting it's her, but it's not."

Mills, who shot the cover in mid-March with photographer Antoine Verglas in his New York City studio for a rate much lower than Miss Huntington-Whiteley's, tells us that Maxim's team was at the shoot, and "they were all going crazy for the pictures."

"The casting I responded to was for the cover," Mills tells us. "I had no idea Rosie was associated with it and the shoot had nothing to do with Rosie."

"For me the, the recognition is huge and something I need at this stage in my career," explains the model. "Rosie is No. 1 and that's great, but I'm just slightly irritated because I've been working my butt off."

And to clarify, while the nude silhouette image has been making the rounds on the Internet, the mag's actual cover will be of Cameron Diaz (ranked #4 hottie) with Mills' cover appearing in the mag's special Hot 100 section.

While Mills is happy with the picture the magazine chose, she does reveal: "My hair is down to my butt in real life, so they definitely Photoshopped that."

Heck, the most highly trained eyes in our photo department here at E! even thought it was supposed to be Rosie at first glance!

But a rep for Maxim doesn't hide the fact that the silhouetted lady isn't the new Transformers star, telling us, "The image on the Hot 100 is an in-house design to represent the Hot 100 special section. It's not Rosie or any of the women in the Hot 100."

What do you think? Was the mag trying to fool us, or do all cover-worthy hotties just look alike?

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