Mariah Carey's Baby Names Announced, Are Predictably Weird

After dropping hints on Twitter, singer finally reveals monikers for her and hubby Nick Cannon's newborn twins

By Gina Serpe May 04, 2011 4:40 PMTags
Mariah Carey, Nick CannonKevin Mazur/

Yesterday, we got a hint as to what Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon would be calling their newborn twins: both names start with an "M."

Well, Mariah apparently thinks the world has scratched its head long enough (although after seeing the monikers they decided upon, a little more may be in store), and finally revealed the full names of her bundles of joy.

So what are they?

"Mariah & Nick reveal the names of #dembabies," a tweet sent out on Mariah's Twitter mere moments ago read.

So, world, please welcome...

"Monroe Cannon & Moroccan Scott Cannon!"

Well, that's better than Nicki and Mario, which were our best guesses. Stars—not as egotistical as we thought! (Yeah, we're looking at you, Will and Jada.)

So how did the duo come to reach those monikers?

Well, as for their boy, Moroccan (and yes, that's Moroccan, not the slightly more acceptable Morocco), whose nickname will be "Roc," the odd name has a sentimental meaning for the couple. The Moroccan Room is what Carey has dubbed the top tier of her Manhattan apartment (it's Moroccan themed), and also happens to be the location of Nick's proposal.

The boy's middle name of Scott is not only Nick's middle name, but also the maiden name of Cannon's grandmother.

As for their daughter, Mariah's rep confirmed that Monroe was indeed named after Marilyn Monroe, who has long been an inspiration for the singer. Unlike her brother, Monroe does not have a middle name. How come? Well, like mother, like daughter: Mariah doesn't have one, either.

All right. Forget what we said about that whole egotistical thing.