How Did Jesse James Come Clean to Sandra Bullock?

See how Sandra Bullock found out about her ex-hubby's cheating ways, along with some news on James' love tweets, book release, and custody hearing

By Claudia Rosenbaum, Bruna Nessif May 03, 2011 11:50 PMTags

Remember when the world found out about a tatted-up bad boy cheating on America's sweetheart?

Well, in Jesse James' memoir, American Outlaw, just released today, he explains how he broke the news to ex-wife Sandra Bullock.

Check the video above to see how it happened.

But wait! There's more...

Whether it was the excitement of his book release, or the mere abundance of love he felt the need to unleash, James blew up Twitter today with some lovin' for his new lady, Kat Von D.

"@thekatvond "My angel, my all, my other self"" I'm so lucky and honored you don't even know how it makes me feel."

Along with, "@thekatvond *sigh*"

Not super surprising, considering the duo had already proven that Twitter is their favorite form of expressing P.D.A.

But not everything is honky-dory in James' life. As much as he tries to continue moving forward, there is one thing that is still unresolved: his bitter custody battle with ex-wife Janine Lindemulder.

Lindemulder was present today at the Santa Ana courthouse, as their attorneys hammered out details on their custody arrangement. James, however, was not present.

A child custody evaluation to determine what would be in the best interest of the child was ordered by Judge David Belz last November, but has not been concluded. Lindemulder's attorney told the judge that James has failed to comply with the evaluator's request to bring daughter, Sunny, to California to meet with him in order to complete his findings.

Lest you think James is not a fan of the court system, he actually thanks his juvenile court judge in his memoir's acknowledgments for being so hard on him. James writes that if the judge hadn't taken such a hard line, "I wouldn't be around today to write these words."