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MTV must have a serious thing for that silly Twilight franchise. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse got the most MTV Movie Award nominations (eight and counting), including Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for Best Kiss (duh) and Rob for Best Performance.

We're going to put our shields up as we say this, and yes, we agree Rob gave a stellar performance this year, but not the one you, dear reader, and those MTV loons, are thinking of...

Edward Cullen, who? 2011 is all about Jacob Jankowski!

Pick up the R.Pattz clue phone, people.

Water for Elephants was Rob's role to break out of the Twi franchise, take out his contacts, get a little human (for once), act opposite Oscar-winner Christopher Waltz, make out with Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon and train an elephant while wearing suspenders .

Here was a chance for MTV to let Rob sit at the adult table for once.

Most importantly, though, it was Pattinson's proof that he can act pretty damn the billions of naysayers out there who say otherwise.

However, there is an upside to this year's Eclipse nominations:

We are hoping for a repeat of 2009's Robsten Best Kiss win, when the couple took the stage to accept their award together, leaned in reallyclose to each other like they were about to give us all the gooey goodness we've waited years for and then they parted like the Red Sea leaving us with nada.

But who will K.Stew have to beat out for a Robsten Best Kiss win this year? Herself!

The actress is also nominated for her smooch with Eclipse costar Taylor Lautner.

And thus, the fight for Bella's affections continues.

We have a feeling the real-life couple will definitely win out in this category. And if they don't give us the goods this year while accepting their moon-man statue, well, we'll just have to wait for more real-life paparazzi shots like these. Or just clobber them, already. Or both.

The 20th Annual MTV Movie Awards take place on June 5 and are hosted by Jason Sudeikis, aka January Jones' maybe baby daddy.

Which isn't exactly the pregnant pause we're looking forward to.

WATCH: Rob at the Water for Elephants premiere

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