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We'll admit, there are two things we think of when we hear the name Elizabeth BerkleySaved by the Bell and Showgirls.

But did you know that the actress is also a New York Times best-selling author with Ask Elizabeth, her recently released self-help book for girls and young women?

Later today, Berkley will be honored along with Ciara at the Candie's Foundation's Tenth Anniversary Event to Prevent gala in New York City. We caught up with Berkley to talk about her plans to write another book, possibly competing on Dancing With the Stars and, of course, that still-needs-to-happen Saved by the Bell reunion...

Ask Elizabeth has been so successful. Is there a good chance you'll be writing another book?
There's a good chance, yes... There's certainly a lot more material. Teens girls' lives are complex so there's certainly nothing limiting in terms of discussion in that area. So, yes. There's definitely some thoughts around it.

The Candie's Foundation works to prevent teen pregnancy. What do you think of show's like Teen Mom?
I haven't really watched that...I think a show like that can go one of two ways. One the one side, it can glamorize it because everyone wants to be on TV. And then the other side, from what I've heard, they really show how difficult it is... If they're on the cover of Us magazine, I'm sure that plants a seed in a girl's heard that perhaps that can help bring her visibility, which would be a sad reason, of course.

I heard that you wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars. Is that true?
I don't say I want to be on it, but people have asked me would I? Sure! It would be fun. (She wouldn't be the first former Bell star on DWTS—remember, Mario Lopez competed and even ended up dating his pro partner, Karina Smirnoff)

Don't you have a dance background?
I've never done that kind of dancing though. They've had a lot of people like Mya and Nicole Scherzinger, all these great people who have dance training, but this is like a whole different thing...Ballroom, if you're never done ballroom, is its own beast! Of course a dance background is helpful.

Lastly, I have to ask—will there ever be a Saved by the Bell reunion?
[Laughs] I don't know! I was all for it. Mark-Paul Gosselaar was all for it on Jimmy Kimmel...But I'd be willing. I love everyone. We grew up together. I mean, it's such a beautiful time that we'll always share.

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