Dr. Conrad Murray

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When it comes to getting his day in court, hopefully the fall will be it for Dr. Conrad Murray.

The long-awaited trial for Michael Jackson's physician, which was originally set to kick off next week with opening statements, has been moved to September after the Los Angeles judge presiding over the case granted a request for a delay from Murray's attorneys.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor declared he's suspending this week's jury screening process and dismissing all potential panelists who filled out lengthy questionnaires after the cardiologist's camp petitioned for the postponement, saying they needed more prep time to cross-examine prosecution expert witnesses.

In ruling on the motion filed over the weekend, His Honor said it was the fair thing to do so Team Murray could resolve all outstanding issues in mounting their defense. That includes countering testimony of a "preeminent anesthesiologist" whom the D.A. plans to call in order to show that the King of Pop could not have given himself propofol orally.

Pastor ordered Jackson's personal physician to stand trial in January on an involuntary manslaughter charge after Murray was accused of injecting the entertainer with a lethal dose of the sedative on June 25, 2009, resulting in Jackson's death.

Murray, who also had his medical license suspended, has pleaded not guilty.

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