Don't ever change, Oprah.

The daytime diva is guesting on pal Nate Berkus' home-design show tomorrow, showing off her Montecito, Calif., estate. While giving Nate a tour of her beloved "tea house," one of several buildings on the property, Oprah explains that she wanted the space to "feel like a there's no bathroom here. If you wanna pee, you gotta go outside." 

Wait, what? Oprah can't afford a bathroom for her fancy guests? What's the deal?

As Oprah explains, "Well, because you don't even want to be here in this small space and hear somebody else flushing the toilet. It's the sound."

Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool. (™Abed)

Oprah also told Nate about her struggle to get the grout in the tea house just right, and why she decided long ago that she wanted to be surrounded by beautiful things.

The Oprah-centric ep of The Nate Berkus Show airs tomorrow; tune in to see a part of Oprah's California property that "she hasn't even shown her own viewers." Cool beans!

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