The Celebrity Apprentice, Ne Ne Leakes, Star Jones

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

A couple of weeks ago, Celebrity Apprentice contestant Hope Dworaczyk told us that she thinks NeNe Leakes is "unstable."

Well, she's also not too thrilled with Star Jones' erratic behavior…

"Star was bossy and you couldn't tell her any different," Dworaczyk told us at Us Weekly's Hot in Hollywood party. "But NeNe was a bitch, too.

"I love them both and I hate them both, because they were so hard to work with, yet, when we were in our down time, they were fun and enlightening and dancing on the floor," she continued. "I hated them during The Apprentice."

Promos for tonight's episode show just how ugly it got between Jones and Leakes. "It's the biggest catfight television has seen," Dworaczyk said.


Meanwhile Dworaczyk isn't exactly supporting Donald Trump for president. "I may be the next Celebrity Apprentice, so I can't tell you my real answer," she laughed, when asked if she'd vote for The Donald. She added, "I don't think most of us would say, ‘Yes.' But if we could possibly be fired still, maybe."

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