Mystery Solved (Maybe): Lip Reader Deciphers Harry's Whispers

What exactly did Prince William's brother say to the groom up on the altar?

By Marianne Garvey Apr 29, 2011 9:07 PMTags
Prince Harry, Prince William

We were dying to know what Prince Harry was up there mumbling during Kate Middleton's walk down the aisle today. Now we finally have some answers.

After calling for a professional lip reader, one has come to the rescue, breaking down the royal family whispers and letting us in on the chit-chat going down at the altar.

Enter Tina Lannin—born deaf forensic police lip reader and Harry decipherer extraordinaire.

So what did he say, Tina?

Well, Lannin, who has worked for seven years as a forensic lip reader for law and media outlets and is employed by the U.K. firm O'Malley Communications, says she picked up what the overwhelming number of television sound crews couldn't—the private whispers of Kate, Prince William, her father, Michael, and Wills' rowdy brother, Harry, who laughed and made a very curious-looking comment during Kate's stroll down the aisle.

Lannin, whose analysis hasn't be officially verified by the royals just yet, broke down the banter between thusly.

It was all light, sweet talk, apparently, with maid of honor Pippa lovingly telling sister Kate, "You look amazing," at 11a.m.

You know that little chat Kate had with the bishop before her walk towards William? Apparently, she said she expected to be "worn out today" and thanked him for conducting the ceremony.

Now, as for that famous Harry moment, when he turned to Wills and cracked some sort of joke that had Londoners trying to decipher? It was pretty matter of fact and brotherly protective, after all.

"Right, here she is now," he apparently told Wills after turning around and spying Kate. (We give The Spare credit. We thought it'd be much worse!) It loosened up the atmosphere, with the viewing crowds laughing at the ice breaker and Wills relaxing a bit before his bride reached the altar.

"You look lovely...(then unclear for a bit)...You look lovely," Wills told his future queen as she arrived, per Lannin.

He then felt comfortable enough to joke to Middleton's father: "We were supposed to have just a small family affair."

After the ceremony, as the duo reached their horse and carriage outside the Abbey, it became clear Wills was more used to his royal role than his new bride, instructing Kate on when to take her bow to the crowd and exactly how to do it.

"I don't think you should bow quite yet, I think you should just bow your head, OK?" he said, according to Lannin.

Just some expert tips. Good thing Kate omitted "obey" from her vows.