Stars Heart the Late, Great Alexander McQueen

Designer may be gone but he's certainly not forgotten

By Fashion Police Staff Apr 29, 2011 7:50 PMTags
Alexander McQueen, Lady GagaJemal Countess/Getty Images, AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Alexander McQueen may be gone but he's certainly not forgotten—especially with everyone buzzing about today's spectacular Kate Middleton wedding gown. 

In fact, the late designer's fashion house continues to dress some of the world's most fashion-forward women: Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham, they're all Team McQueen. And who can forget Mila Kunis' polarizing SAG Awards gown this year? (We're in the love camp!)

See all the fabulous fashionistas who continue to be Alexander McQueen fans in this special retrospective gallery!