January Jones Is Pregnant, but What Does This Mean for Mad Men's Betty?

Report: 33-year-old Mad Men actress is set to deliver her first child in the fall

By Jennifer Arrow Apr 29, 2011 1:01 AMTags
January Jones©Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Well, well, well. January Jones is havin' a baby.

The actress's rep has confirmed the joyous news to E! News, saying Jones "is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall." (The identity of the fetus' father is apparently top secret, so let the uninformed but enthusiastic speculation about the baby's paternity commence!)

But hey, you know what else is happening this fall, besides January being all huge and exhausted, as the pregnant ladies often are? This fall they are filming season five of Mad Men. So here's the important part for us TV fans: What does this news mean for the constantly annoyed uterus of forlorn Betty Francis?

Here's what we can tell you about upcoming Mad Men plotlines:

We can tell you nothing. We've checked in with all the appropriate authorities, and we'll let you know if they suddenly go insane and tell us anything, but come on, folks, Mad Men show runner Matt Weiner is insanely very anti-spoiler, and he wants ef all to be known about his show's storylines before they come out. 

Personally, we're rooting for Betty to have a nervous breakdown and spend the season ensconced at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts with looney tunes '60s poets Anne Sexton and Robert Lowell. (She needs a "rest," and truth be told, Henry and those poor kids could use the break too.)

How do you suggest Mad Men deal with January's pregnancy? And who do you think helped her make that baby? The comments await your thoughts on both these matters. And of course, congratulations to the new mama!

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