Brad Womack has been getting a lot of flak from ex-girlfriend Laurel Kagay, who's been warning The Bachelor star's made-for-TV fiancée Emily Maynard to get out while she can.

And now, a different ex is speaking out.

Who is she and does she have the same advice?

E! News tracked down Dayla Burkett, who dated Womack nearly a decade ago.

"We have always been close. We never lost contact," she tells us. That includes staying in touch during the taping of The Bachelor.

Sound like trouble, right? Wrong.

"We've been best friends. We've not dated, we haven't kissed in nine years, there's nothing between us," says Burkett.

It looks like Womack's "best friend" does want to clear up soem rumors and offer a few words about that other ex, Kagay.

"Laurel is an attention seeker," says Burkett. "She's trying to get sympathy because Emily got a proposal and she didn't. She wants sympathy and says he cheated on Emily with me."

Burkett says she's been contacted by several reporters over the past week, and it's all thanks to Laurel.

"Brad is great, but she's just an attention whore," Burkett says. "She's been telling people she wants to be the next Bachelorette."

Sorry, Laurel, that spot's been filled.

Kagay wasn't immediately available to comment on Burkett's claims.

But while Burkett had no problem bagging on her former love rival, when it comes to commenting on Brad's current relationship status with Emily, Burkett keeps tight-lipped.

"It's not my place to talk about that."

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