Vanessa Hudgens, Josh HutchersonJuan Sharma/Miguel Aguilar/

Dear Ted:
Any scoop on Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson? It seems, to me, to be a "showmance," possibly to make Hutcherson a contender for The Hunger Games (mission accomplished) and to publicize their upcoming film Journey 2. Am I close?

Dear PR Love:
Showmances will always be that bitter pill in Hollywood nobody likes swallowing. But usually a true PR stunt requires at least pretending to be in a relaysh. Vanessa has really been "maybeing" the topic of her friend and costar Josh, which makes me think there is some real love potential here. I mean, they like the same basketball team, the same music and are living the same life. We could dig this, expect for the fact that V will totally corrupt the child in Josh.

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Eminem these days? We never really hear much about his private life, why is that?

Dear Missing Marshall Mathers:
You mean aside from headlining at Lollapalooza this year? That is huge. Em is boosting his career even higher than we though he could. Must say, we love him here at the A.T. and think his personal life should stay personal. Often times it's too sad for us to cope with. We'd rather just enjoy his brilliant lines and hope he's happy deep down somewhere.

Dear Ted:
I think the guy that played Godric in True Blood would play Cinna well. I can't seem to get him out of my head for this part.. He has that quiet demeanor about him. No, he's not very tall, but they don't really say his height...anyways thoughts?
—B in Alaska

Dear Mixed Feelings:
Oh yeah, kind of! He's über-cute, but the problem is, Allan Hyde (Godric) semi reminds me of Josh Hutcherson, and it should not be that way. At the same time, Hyde has that normal but mysteriously stylish demeanor about him. Pretty torn on this one!

Dear Ted:
A stab in the dark, but is Cookie Muncher Kendra?

Dear Blind:
Major stab in the dark, dollface! No way.

Dear Ted:
Because you seem to be as Hunger Games crazy as I am, I thought I'd throw out at casting suggestion. For Cinna, how about Elijah Wood? I think he'd be perfect, and he hasn't done anything lately so he schedule should be free.

Dear Good Thinking:
Great idea! A bit worried Wood will never be able to disassociate from his Hobbit-esque image. He definitely has great experience, and the look, but he still doesn't exude an artistic side that Cinna does. Regardless, Elijah would fit pretty smashingly with the cast so far, which is why we are all for it, if possible. 

Dear Ted:
I haven't read The Hunger Games...yet…but after reading all the suggestions for Haymitch and President Snow, am I crazy in thinking Billy Bob Thorton could pull off either character? Remember I haven't read it so don't give me to hard a time if I am wrong.

Dear Non-Reader:
Not too shabby, hon! I'd say Thorton would be a hilarious mentor/alcoholic as Haymitch. As President Snow, I would say hell no. But one for two is still pretty dam good. Get to reading. We sure know it's on everyone's to-read lists!


Dear Ted:
What is the deal with the Straw Dogs remake starring James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård? This film has been put back several times. Is it expected to be a good independent film or will it be the great "never was" at the bottom of the DVD bin? In which case, the lead players can't be too happy with Rod Lurie and the studio, Sony Screen Gems.
—Spirited, Australia


Dear Goss Monster:
Been wondering about this flick for a while now, too! Mostly because I die for Skars, but really the movie is not going to be released until mid September, so we wait some more. We don'tb think it'll completely bomb. Have hope, especially when the actor has a bum like that!

Dear Ted:
I saw Water for Elephants this last weekend and totally loved it, as well as Robert Pattinson's performance. But after reading some reviews online, I wanted to see what you thought. What did you think about Rob's performance and the movie in general? Do you think that Rob is taking a step in the right direction towards becoming a "serious" actor?

Dear Rob's for Real:
I've blasted the blog with my opinions on the movie over and over. You know, I'm all for R.Pattz and think he really made this movie. Agreed, there was no hot chemistry between him and Reese Witherspoon, but what can you do. At least he worked it with the elephants and proved he's more than just Edward Cullen. Proud of him!
Dear Ted:
I truly don't understand your forgiveness of everything Lea Michele. Why don't you call her behavior at Coachella for what it really is: bullying! Lea is on a show for young adults, where serious issues like bullying are constantly addressed. Yet here you are, excusing her behavior and even encouraging her to be out in the open and bully her heart out! Sincerely, I would like to understand your fascination with her, for even if she wasn't constantly bullying her fans when the cameras are not on, I simply cannot see the talent.

Dear Rough:
We will be the first to say...ha-ha, hypocrite. You are totally right that she should not be bullying fans. It's wrong since she is supposed to be a role model for these youngsters, many of whom are tortured day in and out at school. I never condone that sort of crap. All I was saying is that maybe she was having a bad day (I know hard to believe), and that we overanalyze everything celebs say and do to their fans. Let them bitch, but not bully. 

Dear Ted:
So being that they never publicly talk or interact I'm guessing that there may be a little tension, or rather indifference, between Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson. What I want to know is how they act around each other on set? Is Nikki icy toward Robert or vice versa, or do they simply go out of their way to avoid each other? Does it make it awkward for those around them, and does Nikki interact with Robsten on set?


Dear Twi Triangle:
Well, now that it's a wrap practically, it doesn't matter how anybody feels as long as they show up to the red carpet premiere smiling and pretending to be all buddy-buddy. Nikki doesn't really seem to interact with anyone too much. She has a life way outside of the Twi realm and likes that better it seems. If anything, I think that love triangle died down before New Moon was a wrap. They've moved on, so should you!

Dear Ted:
I don't understand people who write to you who seem to dislike you so much. Why don't they just stop reading you? It's like those freakish conservatives who hate Glee. Just turn the flipping channel! But I digress. So what do you think of Toothy Tile's new hair do? Hot or not?


Dear New Do:
Hot, always hot. And thanks for the support and love!

Dear Ted:
Is Kirstie Alley a Blind Vice?


Dear Public Displays of Everything:
Nothing Blindly Vicey about this woman, please!

Dear Ted:
Alex Pettyfer doesn't have a "thank you" tattoo; he was joking. He's a 20-year-old boy with a middle-school sense of humor. Talk to a middle schooler or a British bloke for that matter and you'll find the same sense of humor. Besides, I highly doubt Dianna Agron would date a guy with that kind of tattoo. Lea wouldn't let her.

Dear Pettyfer Defender:
Oh my Glee, thank you for throwing Lea in there. Of course she wouldn't let her friend date a freak like that. Please. Like she cares that much. You may be right. Alex could have been joking about the tattoo, but how funny do you really find that? It's pretty much a jab that he doesn't think whoever he is doing deserves a verbal "thank you." He's pathetic, and being British is not a good enough excuse. Sorry!