Five Potential Spoilers for New Superman Flick

Maybe, just maybe, Man of Steel will be all about Krypton, Ma and Pa Kent—and psycho killers!

By Joal Ryan May 01, 2011 12:30 PMTags
Henry Cavill, SupermanAndrew H. Walker/Getty Images; DC Comics

So, per the Hollywood trade press, Henry Cavill's Superman will be bedeviled in the new big-screen adventure by Kryptonian bad-gal Faora (played by Pandorum's Antje Traue)—unless that is, he's not 'cause Faora and Traue aren't locked in yet. (The all-knowing Warners Bros. hasn't announced anything either way.)

While things are murky now, we know enough on the whole about the film's cast and characters to make some educated Man of Steel guesses:

1. Krypton Will Be the Place to Be: Superman Homepage editor Steve Younis is intrigued by the commitment to General Zod (to be played by Michael Shannon) and the prospect of Faora, two aggrieved types who hail from our hero's home planet. (The Hollywood Reporter says the villainess could actually be Ursa, Sarah Douglas' baddie from the first two movies who was based on Faora, but no difference: Ursa is also from Krypton.) "It leads me to believe that we might see more focus on Superman's Kryptonian heritage," Younis said in an email. "Maybe even an attempt by Zod to make Earth a new Krypton, or at least an attempt to stamp his authority over the planet."

2. Zod Will Kill, Literally: Yes, Terence Stamp was a chilling menace in Superman I and II, but did you see Shannon go off in Revolutionary Road? "Terrence Stamp—[his Zod] never actually killed anyone," Superman Super Site editor Neil Cole told us. "I could actually see Michael Shannon's Zod going to the point of completely annihilating people."

3. Superman Will Be Pretty Much Screwed: Not only could Zod be more brutal, but Faora, Younis said, "has been a far more ruthless Kryptonian villain than Ursa."

4. Lois Lane Will Not Kid Around: In Superman Returns, the then-23-year-old Kate Bosworth played the Daily Planet's ace reporter as a young, single mom. Cole expects Man of Steel's 36-year-old Amy Adams, unveiled as Lois last month, to bring "more seriousness to the role, kind of in the vein that Margot Kidder did [in the Christopher Reeve movies], one that's more established in her career."

5. Ma and Pa Kent Will Be Bigville: "Diane Lane['s casting] and Kevin Costner's casting tells me that the Kents involvement in this film will be important and pivotal to the main story," Younis said.