Donald Trump, Cher

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images; NBC

Is there anyone in Hollywood who likes Donald Trump these days?

Robert De Niro, Jerry Seinfeld and Whoopi Goldberg are just some of the celebs who have lashed out at the reality TV star and potential Republican candidate for president for his questioning of President Obama's birth certificate. Then on Tuesday night, Rosie O'Donnell announced she's backed out of plans to stay at one of his Chicago properties while in the Windy City taping her new OWN show because of his opposition to gay marriage.

And now there's Cher

The Oscar-winning songstress took to Twitter yesterday to trash talk The Donald. "Donald Trump is a Pompous A--hole!" she tweeted. "Saw him in Aspen with one Dcup chick after another. Everyone up there thought he was a complete idiot."

And she didn't stop there. "Donald Trump (mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map!" she wrote.

And Trump apparently was still on her mind in the wee hours of the morning. "DT is disrespectful bully who'd step over his Own Body 2 get on tv & Spew his special brand of venom! no morals just bottom lines," she tweeted at about 3:30am PT followed by, "What ever u think of Pres.Obama Personally, he is The President of the Unites States & it's imperative to RESPECT The OFFICE."

We have a feeling we haven't heard the last of Cher.

But it turns out that Cher isn't the one of his many critics who Trump is taking on this morning. Instead, he's fighting allegations by Bob Schieffer, host of CBS' Face The Nation, that he's a racist for insinuating that Obama may not have had the grades to get into Harvard. "That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black," Schieffer said on last night's CBS Evening News. "This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing." Trump fired back via TMZ, saying, "That is a terrible statement for a newscaster to make. I am the last person that such a thing should be said about."

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