Gilbert Gottfried's Aflac Replacement Quacks the Surface: Do You Hear a Difference?

Insurance giant's new commercial airs, featuring a Minnesota family man who won a contest as the voice of the Aflac Duck

By Natalie Finn Apr 27, 2011 1:30 AMTags

Is the Aflac Duck automatically less annoying because Gilbert Gottfried isn't the voice now?

The insurance giant's new commercial premiered during The Voice tonight, its iconic spokesduck now being voiced by 36-year-old Daniel McKeague—a sales manager and father of three from Minnesota who beat out 12,500 contestants who tried out for the chance to replace Gottfried.

The difference between "Aflac!" quacks wasn't immediately noticeable, but the ad did have a lot going on, including some dancing and a scene-stealing pigeon.

Gottfried voiced the Aflac Duck for 11 years before some insensitive, meant-to-be-funny tweets about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan got him kicked off the job.