Kate Middleton, Prince William

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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Do the British people have to pay for this royal wedding? I hope not. How much will it cost anyway?
—Civie, via the inbox

You may rest partially assured, for the giant fruit cake shall not come out of the pockets of the people.

But British citizens aren't get a completely free show, either:

Late last year, the Palace announced that Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Kate's parents will cover the wedding ceremony and reception. Reportedly, Kate's parents are shelling out a six-figure sum as their share of the costs, which could total upwards of $70 million.

But taxpayers will have to foot the bill for "security and transport"—namely the countless cops who will swarm London looking for malingerers, or just commoners who don't look quite tickety boo.

Originally, that cost was estimated at more than $8 million. But new reports indicate the British taxpayers may have to fork over an incredible $32 million for all those police. Why? Because, among other reasons, police earn double while working on a bank holiday, and Prime Minister David Cameron has declared the wedding day just to be just that—a bank holiday. (If he's shut his mouth, the British people might have more cash on hand at the end of it all.)

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