Jessica's New Smell: It's Fancy!

Jessica Simpson wants you to smell Fancy

By Peter Gilstrap Aug 14, 2008 11:57 PMTags

Thank goodness Jessica Simpson’s exciting new fragrance, Fancy, will be hitting the shelves tomorrow. Not only have we spent, like, half a week's salary on copies of CosmoGIRL! just to get the scented sample inserts, we’re starting to scab up from all the rubbing!

One of our fave things about Jessica is how much she gives back to us, the fans! There are Jessica Simpson shoes, totes, sunglasses, hair extensions, lip glosses and now—as if all that wasn't enough—we’re getting Fancy! OMG! It’s also rad that Fancy is the name of a Reba McEntire song about this country woman whose mom turns her into a prostitute, and Jessica totally likes do the math! Speaking of prostitutes, check out Jessica’s new video! She uses it to pimp Fancy. Plus, you get to hear a really neat song that's kinda country but not enough to make it suck! LOL! Thanks, Jessica!