Chrissy Teigen, Avril Lavigne

AP Photo, Jeff Gross/Getty Images

John Legend's super sexy (but totally brash), Sports Illustrated model girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, has some fightin' words for Avril Lavigne.

The bikini-clad Thai and Norwegian model must think she's LeAnn Rimes or something ‘cause she's very vocal on her Twitter account, and she recently took to it to express her disdain for the punk rock pop star...

"If u told me I could have 1 kid, but it would be exactly like avril, I would choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when I die," Teigen tweeted Sunday afternoon.

We smell a catfight a brewin'! But what gave Teigen, whose Twitter bio reads "i like food a lot and i like modeling a little and i like my dog and boyfriend somewhere in between," such a visceral reaction to Lavigne?

The model tweeted, "Watching an avril lavigne interview. The second most painful thing I have watched today after 'the goods.' "

Looks like Teigen has a problem with both Avril and The Goods star Jeremy Piven!

The latter we understand. But listen up, those aren't the only celebs Teigen is twicking (Twitter plus picking) on!

"Kind of feeling bad for gwyneth paltrow. Her fancy butt just can't win. I do want her cookbook. For the recipes. No stories will be read."

But while Teigen saved her harshest words for Lavigne, the pop star, whose latest tweet says she is off to Beijing to kick off her Black Star Tour, has yet to respond.

Hmmm, looks like this feud can only be resolved one way: an arm wrestling match between John Legend and Brody Jenner!

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