Princess Diana, Kate Middleton

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images; Arthur Edwards/The Sun/Sipa Press

William & Kate's Royal Wedding

It doesn't take Dolce or Gabbana to see that Princess Diana and Kate Middleton—though persistently compared—are polar opposites when it comes to their fashion.

Both Brit throne types rocked featured trends, from little black dresses to feathered hats to plaid, but they added unique dabs of their own princess personalities.

Di was a piranha in and out of her designer duds—by palace standards, at least. But Kate's look is much more...

Safe? The bride-to-be is not exactly making real marks—as fashion statements go. Is that a statement in it itself?

Still, we love that Kate's not fully pretending to be someone she's ultimately not—aka Prince Charles' once former princess.

We have collected a plethora of documented fashion do's and don'ts from both of these fine women, and we're looking to see which one has followed (and flopped) a trend or two.

Kate takes to her commoner roots, even style-wise, but there's a subtle fashion aura there somewhere. You know a thousand-dollar Burberry coat here and there.

But once Middleton takes on the princess title, we are certain amazing Brit fashion divas like, let's say one Victoria Beckham will make her bossy and trendy a la Di. Plus, they'll all be buying $3-dollar thongs, too, we're sure.

We can only hope Kate will one day live up to Di's tres chic lifestyle and closet, just once in awhile? Judge, or predict, for yourselves in our fashion face-off gallery!

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