Need something to help ease the pains of another Monday? Fortunately the Wolf Pack is here for you.

Four new TV spots for The Hangover Part II have arrived, and it seems Stu (Ed Helms) was the only one of the bunch who may have learned something from those Vegas misadventures:

Seriously, the guy seems pretty reluctant to have a bachelor party this time around, despite Phil's (Bradley Cooper) insistence. He's even taking steps to ensure no one roofies his morning cup of O.J.

But we all know how that works out. The guys end up in Thailand, and despite their best intentions, hotel rooms are trashed, faces are tattooed and they find themselves struggling to put the pieces together following another epic blackout. But at least Alan (Zach Galifianakis) can rest easy knowing he isn't missing any Jonas Brothers concerts.

The Hangover Part II hits theaters May 26.

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