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Dear Joan:
I am attending a formal presidential dinner banquet next week (in another country). I have no idea what the dress code is for such an occasion. Does one wear a long or short dress? Light or dark?

Dear Jet Setter:
Fancy! Is there any way you can ask for the dress code from the event coordinator who sent you the invite? I assume it's black tie, which means a floor-length dress. The color is optional as long as it's appropriately formal. I hope you have a magical evening! 

Dear Joan:
What is the color for this year? Also, what does color-blocking mean?

Dear Color Queen:
Honeysuckle is the big color that everyone is buzzing about this year. It's a shocking pink that pairs well with neutrals like khaki, black and white but also goes well with other bright colors like aqua or orange.  And color-blocking is a fashion trend that combines different colors in one dramatic outfit, like these ladies in this link

Dear Joan:
I have a Michael Kors blue iris print dress and I would like to wear tights or stockings with it because the weather is really rainy and cold. I'm going to a wedding with a pair of Michael Kors five-inch closed-toe pumps. Should they be sheer black tights or leggings or a print?

Dear Party Girl:
Your dress sounds pretty. I would wear it with sheer nude or black tights instead of a print so the dress doesn't have to compete for attention. Enjoy the party! 

Dear Joan:
On the show, which I love, I was just wondering if there really is an audience?

Dear LL:
Yes, that's no laugh track. We have a live audience watching everything we do! As for getting tickets, email the office at and you'll be added to the weekly invite list, which will include all the information you need for attending tapings.

Dear Joan:
Just wondering how exactly to get into the fashion scene? More specifically being a personal stylist? Is there some magic club you have to be in? Some secret door you have to open? Please enlighten me.

Dear Stylist in Training:
There is no secret clubhouse. It's like any other career—study fashion in college or work your way from the ground up, styling at your local department store or apprentice with someone who does what you want to do while developing your sense of style. Good luck!

Dear Joan:
On the April 9 show, Kelly Osbourne was wearing a beige leather jacket. Where can I buy it?

Dear Leather Lover:
Thank you for asking, didn't she look great?! Kelly's jacket was by Simone. 

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