Alexander Skarsgard


Dear Ted:
I've never written you before but I'm a huge Kristen Stewart fan and have been wracking my brain to figure out who else would be a good huntsman for her upcoming Snow White film and I came up with Alexander Skarsgård. What do you think? He is hot and I think a little sexual tension between those two would be hot!

Dear Ding, Ding, Ding:
We have a major, major winner here. After Hugh Jackman backed out as Kristen's huntsman a few weeks ago, we were super bummed. But if there is even the slightest chance that Skars would be considered, this movie will put Lily Collins and Julia Robert's version to full-frontal shame. Beyond into this casting suggestion. 

Dear Ted:
How about this: Cookie Muncher is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Dear Who the Frack?
Who? People, please stop guessing Victoria Secret models; you're so far off not even a push-up bra will lift you back up here.

Dear Ted:
Elizabeth Banks, one of your Blind Vice superstars, is vying hard for a role in Hunger Games. What are your thoughts on that? If her Blind Vice is a nasty one then I want her to stay far, far away! No polluting Jennifer Lawrence or the rest of the cast!

Dear Not Hungry for Banks:
What's a Blind Vice got to do with a good casting call? I mean, I don't think she will actually land it even though we all really want her to. The woman is hilarious and so totally spunky in an older kind of way. Why not? Let's give her one more chance shall we? Vice or no Vice.

Dear Ted:
How's Crotch Uh-lastic doing now? Really hoping he's getting his act together. Do you think his upcoming movie will bring back his former (or turned-off) fans? Thanks! My imaginary kitty kat, Snobby, says hello.

Dear Fantasy Crotch:
As long as he's not tweaking around, we're happy. I think the dude's gotten a semi-wakeup call after all his massive ef ups, but we never know with his unpredictable arse. As long as the next flick doesn't bust at the box office I think he will be safe for a while. He's still talented, even when tweaking. Imaginary kisses to your kitty!

Dear Ted:
How come you don't write about Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder being at Coachella together and holding hands? The fans are waiting for your scoop! Please give us some inside info.

Dear Hipster Vampires:
How precious, right? Those two have been flirting since the director called action the first time. They are bound to be getting it on, but are totally playing it safe for now, Coachella, notwithstanding. Come on, like they didn't watch what happened with Robsten? They don't want to be in the tabs all day, every day. Nina and Ian are really smart about their smooching and such. They're really keen on not letting us, or anyone else for that matter, in on their love for each other—for now at least.

Dear Ted:
I have a suggestion for the Hunger Games casting. President Snow is supposed to be a powerful, wealthy and bad guy, which we all know. I was thinking Kelsey Grammer would be a good choice! He has that evil look in his eye when he wants it, and with his acting chops, I think he could pull off the role. Just a thought!

Dear Crazy:
Seriously kind of dumbstruck with this suggestion! You obviously know your Hunger Games stuff, but Kelsey Grammer...really? The man is a hot mess, especially after all this Camille drama. Keep him away from that set. Remember, Snow should be really evil and smells bad. How ‘bout Kevin Spacey?

Dear Ted:
What is this I hear about Evan Rachael Wood coming out as bisexual? Is she this desperate for attention or should we consider this a celebration?

Dear Somewhere Between:
Yes, she did tell Esquire that she was bisexual, but no I would hate to think she's just doing it for attention. That gal is a pretty big celeb, and I doubt she would let her fans down by being too blasé about it all. But she's a fab actress and gorgeous no matter what!

Dear Ted:
Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart monogamous? I can never tell what people are doing these days, especially in Hollywood. It appears there are a lot more swingers than I originally thought.

Dear How Hollyweird:
Monogamy? People do that in Tinseltown? We feel like it's possible with Robsten, and I get this question on the regular. The fact that you Twi-hards and Robstenites are worried about one or the other staying faithful is fishy. Quit it, all of you!

Dear Ted:
You said that it was close for Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois when it was guessed that it was Leighton Meester and her ex as well as Penn Badgley and Blake Lively. guess would be Jessica Schzor and Ed Westwick? Everybody on set sided with Ed when they broke up, and Jessica pretty much became the outsider. I know I'm right! Right?!

Dear Beyond Wrong:
Just because I say close doesn't mean they all work and play together. Not that tight of a set for Sally and Percy, nope.

Dear Ted:
Emma Roberts is looking quite pale and worn-out, to say the least, lately. Which made me wonder: Is the younger Ms. Roberts a Blind Vice or on her way to becoming one? And would her aunt Julia disapprove?

Dear You Wish:
I hate how people love to see young, clean starlets take a turn for this worst. I mean, it's girls like Emma who are steering clear of the messiness that is sex, drugs and H'wood. She has no Vice, and I really, really hope it stays that way, for Julia's sake and reputation.

Dear Ted:
Has Robert Pattinson ever behaved like a diva on the set of any of his films? Even back when he filmed Remember Me or anything? Or is he totally laid-back and undemanding?

Dear Scrapping at It:
Loads of people wish they could find a flaw with Rob, but if he does have one it's not going to involve being a demanding diva. That is for sure.

Dear Ted:
I love the casting for Rue, but how could they cast a 5-foot, 11-inch guy to play what's supposed to be the biggest tribute in the 74th Hunger Games? I was expecting someone with a Dwight Howard-like physique. I was somewhat open-minded toward the first castmembers, but they should really start sticking to the books, don't you think?

Dear Dedicated Gamer:
Fully agree that the only way to make the fans happy is to stick by the books, but we all know directors and moviemakers like to set their crap apart from the literary word. I don't know if I could quite see someone huge, as in physically, like Dwight Howard for the part, but a few inches taller and bulkier would have been nice. Plus, I feel like everything and everyone looks bigger onscreen anyways. It'll work out.

Dear Ted:
So I think Sally Pearlsmyth is either Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift because you said she is young (early 20s or late teens) and sweet, not to mention pretty. But then, is Percy Joe Jonas? He seems to get around a lot. Am I close?

Dear Too Disney:
You're close, but not close enough. Think more of a mix between those two chicks and way cleaner, maybe even cleaner than Taylor herself. Percy is nothing, I mean nothing, like Joe Jonas. Think rougher, inside and out.

Dear Ted:
I've been missing Tom Sturridge. Do you know what's up with him and Sienna Miller lately? Also, please give us the latest on Princess Olivia Wilde.

Dear Asking Lots:
It's OK, we love goss demanders. She was spotted in London Tuesday and was meeting up with her supposed new boy toy at Sake No Hana for some grub. No signs of serious dating just yet, but they seem well on their way. Yech. Run, Tom, run! As for Ms. Olivia, she's been getting wild with Justin Timberlake and that's about all. And isn't that quite enough? Still think he should be with Mila Kunis. But whatever.

Dear Ted:
Does Kelly Ripa have a Blind Vice?

Dear Rip One:
Oh, yeah. It's the overly perky ones you always gotta watch out for.

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