Brad Womack, Emily Maynard


Brad Womack destined to bachelorhood forever?

The reality stud—who has admitted that his TV-created romance with Emily Maynard has been "no fairy tale" since the love competition ended—has faced renewed scrutiny this week as Life & Style proclaimed their relationship dunzo.

But that's not exactly what Emily's own mom is saying...

"They have not officially broken up," Susan Maynard told People. "It's still kind of on and off."

Maynard's mom told the mag it's difficult to listen to all the rumors surrounding her 25-year-old daughter and her reality fiancé, adding they're "still just trying to get to know each other."

Emily and her daughter, Ricki, have yet to pull the trigger on a move to Austin, Texas, to officially move in with Womack, near where he owns a bar. But Susan says that it's unlikely it'll happen any time soon because there are "no plans to take Ricki out of school."

"I don't think there is any rush to move," Susan said.

Things don't appear to be going so smooth for the couple at the moment, since Womack will remain in Austin with his family for Easter weekend while Emily will bring her daughter to her parents home in West Virginia.

Of the separate weekends, Susan says she "can't say one way or another" what exactly is going on with the duo's future.

"I think they both have good intentions," she said.

Former Bachelor star Vienna Girardi also weighed in to E! News with her own take on the duo's relationship.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up," she told us. "They were already not really together at the reunion show just a couple months later. I know Brad loves Emily, but I don't know her...I think they have extra baggage.

"My advice to them if they both want it they should go on a two-week cruise together to get away from everything."

Sure, a boat trip should solve it.

Or maybe not, according to Womack ex Laurel Kagay. She told E! News last month that her former boyfriend's "pattern has started" and warned Maynard that she better get out as fast as she can.

Now, regarding the Life & Style report of Brad and Emily's breakup, Kagay has more to say.

"It's sad how true and identical this sounds to how our relationship was," she tells us.

"I don't know what it will take to make Brad realize there is some work that needs to be done for him to move forward with a healthy, successful relationship. In the meantime, I think Brad is pushing away some incredible women who want to love him. Everyone deserves happiness and I hope somewhere, somehow Brad can find what he is looking for. He just needs to realize nobody is perfect."

—Additional reporting by Katie Rhames and Ken Baker

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