James Franco: One Doctorate Just Isn't Enough!

Oscar-nominated actor, already in one Ph.D. program, sets his sight on a creative writing program in Texas

By Natalie Finn Apr 22, 2011 1:40 AMTags
James FrancoKevin Winter/Getty Images

We all know how much James Franco loves his higher education.

The 127 Hours star, who already has several letters after his name and will have more once he's completed his Ph.D. in English at Yale, has been accepted into another doctorate program.

What's the curriculum this time, you ask? Neurobiology? Economics?

Franco plans to enroll at the University of Houston in September 2012 to pursue his Ph.D. in literature and creative writing, program director James Kastely told the Houston Chronicle. (He can't go this fall, duh, he'll be teaching at NYU!)

So, it's nothing too far afield for the modern-day Renaissance man, especially considering Franco already published Palo Alto, a collection of short stories, last year.

Being a published author never hurts when you're competing for a slot in a doctorate program. Nor does being an Oscar nominee, for that matter. Though being an Oscar host could have theoretically been a black mark against him...

Aside from the doctorate he's currently working on, Franco has an MFA from Columbia, which he attended while also studying fiction writing at Brooklyn College and poetry at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. All that after finishing up his undergrad degree at UCLA in 2006.

We would probably need a little help unwinding at the end of the day, too.