Sneak Peek: What Will William & Kate Look Like as Old Farts?

We got one amazing British photo leak that will blast you 30 years into Wills and Kate’s royal future

By Ted Casablanca, Ivana Dukanovic Apr 24, 2011 1:02 PMTags
Prince William, Kate Middleton, AgedCourtesy: Mike Parker / PhoJoe

Take a look at this fabulous peek into Buckingham Palace's future, circa 2041! One of our favorite London insiders, Mike Parker, commissioned digital age progression experts to help us see what  Prince William and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, will look like in 30 years—we're guessing this is post Wills' ascension the throne, obviously.

Ah-mazing. This gem of a photo actually depicts what specialists predict the royal couple will look like three decades from the exact day they tie the knot at Westminster Abbey this Friday. Pretty sure, every wrinkle is just where it should be.

Don't they look too fab? However, there is one suggestion we have for Kate, come the real old lady time:

A shorter bob!

While we think older women with long, gray locks are to die for, not even Kate will be able to pull it off smashingly—not with all those hats, teas and fox hunts, baby.

Plus, with rumors that royals are already urging her to go for a more aristocratic, shorter hairstyle, we think in a few decades she'll have to finally give into the prim ‘n' proper pressures.

Short or long hair, this manipulated, futuristic photo is hitting worldwide syndication soon, but we wanted to give all you royal crackers a look at what's too come, physically, for these two lucky lookers.

And we hope you're shaking your heads as much as we are about those yellow sets of teeth (dentures)! Totally hilarious, but it's hard to believe that these modern royals, as British as they are, will let their teeth get that mucky. Teeth whitening, anybody?

Plus, doesn't everyone imagine Princess Kate way hotter than this, even at 60? For real, she's rocking the whole 30-year-old bride thing as if she's a twentysomething.

Then again, we forget London is no L.A. Those British women don't rely too much on their Botox, and that's something to be wrinkly and proud of, hon!

Kate makes a cute grammy regardless, and Wills looks much more handsome than Prince Charles, which by default means he's winning even in this old age. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) 

On a more romantic note, five days and counting until the big day! Who's peeing their knickers in anticipation, or are we all ready to send them off on their honeymoon already?

Here's to a life-long love with loads of pretty gray hairs and wrinkles, you two!