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We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of Water for Elephants last night, and after watching Robert Pattinson gaze at us with those deep, smoldering eyes for two hours, we think it's safe to say this guy's going to stick around on the big screen—and not just as a vampire.

While Rob has now officially mastered sexy-face and is the sole reason why any love scenes with Reese Witherspoon generate heat, gotta say it's his eyes that do all of the talking.

And we give Rob props—it takes a lot to overcome a chilly chick! (See our Monday poll to weigh in on who should have been cast opposite RPattz!)

This film—which is about a supremely dysfunctional group of circus misfits struggling during the Depression—just proved our previous ponderings were spot on…Rob is a lover. Not a fighter.

There is a reason Twilight worked—Robsten's chemistry surpassed any of that Mormon-inspired morality silliness. Now, If there was an Oscar category for vampire love scenes…

We don't want to see RPattz holding a gun, we want to see him going after the girl and doing whatever it takes (killing vampires, training elephants, sneaking scandalous smooches) to get her!

So yes, we think RPattz has a career beyond the Twilight franchise, we just think it will be longer if he sticks to the loverboy, heartthrob, lothario roles that suit him best.

Bonus hotness: As much we love Rob with the ladies, he totally made us swoon moreso with the palpable kindness he showed towards his WFE co-star, a huge, beautiful elephant named Rosie—as well as the other downtrodden animals in the sometimes hard to watch flick (circus animals are not generally treated with kindness, folks).

Check back tomorrow to read how Rob and the rest of the crew made sure none of the on-set creatures were ever harmed—and what was used as a "treat" to reward them.

As if working with Rob and his adorable gaze isn't treat enough.

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