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Just a few months ago, the Cyruses were top contenders for becoming the next set of Lohans when Billy Ray Cyrus compared daughter Miley to Anna Nicole Smith and suggested the show that put Miley on the map "ruined his family." 

More recently, it looked as if the Cyruses had taken a loving turn for the better when Billy Ray reconciled with wife Tish and Miley reunited with The Hunger Games hottie, Liam Hemsworth

But even though Billy Ray did apologize for his comments, this member of Team Miley wants to remind us why she thinks Billy Ray was so outta line. 

Let's just say there's no party in the USA. 

No stranger to a famous family that speaks to the media just as often as they do to each other, Kelly Osbourne recently stuck up for her friend and told Piers Morgan why she thought Billy Ray crossed the line:

"I think that's a really inappropriate thing for someone to say, especially when what they did together gave that person their career back and that's not fair to do that to their own child."

Ouch. Looks like Kelly didn't find it cool when Billy dissed the very show that ended his career's downward spiral, and we're guessing that Kelly agrees with the reports that Billy is jealous of Miley's spotlight as well. 

As for those who suggest Billy Ray didn't mean anything harsh by his comments? Well, Kelly has something to say to them, too:

"He might have thought of it in a different way, but in black and white it seems just so harsh…I love Miley, she's a dear friend of mine, and I know how hard she works."

Even though Billy Ray claims he apologized to his family, his most recent interview with Parade magazine proves he still loves to blab about his daughter. 

We feel for the girl, we really do, and have always suggested Miley should take a break from her demanding career while her family is on the rocks.

But if Miley is really serious about her man, then this is no time to spend out of the spotlight.  After all, Liam was just cast in the The Hunger Games franchise, and no doubt this hottie will soon have more girls and temptation than he may be able to handle. 

Looks like a bunch of achy breaky hearts waiting to happen. 

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