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Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher Heidi Klum? She is closer in age to Tina Fey and has being a Victoria's Secret model in common with Adriana Lima. She is also, in my opinion, much cuter than Xtina!

Dear No Munching There:
Heidi Klum is an excellent (but already guessed) guess. Both Heidi and Cookie are much hotter than Tina Fey, but not nearly as funny. Not by a long shot.

Dear Ted:
Is Rebecca Romijn Cookie Muncher?

Dear Munch Elsewhere:
No, but Cookie is just as hot as Rebecca. Maybe even moreso?

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher Christy Turlington?

Dear Good Guess:
Christy and Cookie do have a lot in common, if you think about it.

Dear Ted:
So sad about Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois, so sorry to hear about that. Sally seems to get hotter with every Gossip Girl castmember guess, so here's my shot at it. Is Sally Pearlsmyth Katie Cassidy?

Dear Gorgeous Guessing:
No, Sally has more star power than Katie.

Dear Ted:
Just noticed you've already said Jessica Szohr isn't Sally Pearlsmyth, so I'm out of guesses as I can't think which other couple on Gossip Girl it could be.

Dear Not So Gossipy:
While Sally and Percy may have a lot in common with the Gossip Girl couples, that doesn't mean they appear together on the show. 

Dear Ted:
Is Sheila Horn E. Shakira? Love the blog!

Dear Not Even Close:
No, and you're way off. Sheila and Shakira have very different careers, looks and romances. Keep the guesses coming!

Dear Ted:
Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart monogamous?

Dear Loyally Robsten:
Ask them, I'm not their mother! However, Rob's never been shy in admitting he's a one-woman kinda guy, and the latest pics from Rob's WFE premiere certainly prove he only has eyes for Kris.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering what you think of the Twilight kids seemingly negative comments about moving on from the franchise? I love the whole Twilight world, but admit that the movies aren't great, and I can see how several of them would be eager to move on to their very promising careers, but it seems to strike me as a little ungrateful to the studio and fans. Does the studio have any opinions on this?

Dear Twi-haters:
We understand why the Twilight kids are so eager to move on, but we agree, they can't forget their vampire roots. Twilight transformed its talent into mega-celebrities, and the franchise has opened lots of doors for the entire cast. We're excited to see what these actors can pull off outside of Twilight, but we also want them to remember their loyal fans. Besides, how could you ever forget about the Twi-hards?

Dear Ted:
Why do people keep calling Andrew Garfield a Brit? He was born in L.A. and only moved to England later. That doesn't make him less hot, but a lot less British.

Dear Missing the Brit-Factor:
Who cares how long he has been in England? Calling him a Brit makes him that much more appealing to every American girl and boy. 

Dear Ted:
I saw on Twitter that LeAnn Rimes sent a person a cease and desist letter for saying LeAnn opened some other fake account. Is it common for celebrities to send a legal letter to private people over something on Twitter? I've seen many people on Twitter call celebrities many things much worse than this person did, do they get letters too but we just don't know about it?
Humble Reader, Legally Challenged

Dear Get Over Yourself Leann:
LeAnn thinks Twitter is more serious than a national security crisis. Gal needs to get over it, get a burger and calm the heck down. And no, LeAnn doesn't have any real case, in my opinion. She is just gunning for attention, per usual

Dear Ted:
Will you pretty please get the scoop on Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder? I know you've been saying mum's the word, but I have faith you can procure more. I mean, come on, did you see the intertwined hands at Coachella? These two costars are definitely engaging in some extracurricular activities.

Dear Vampires Are On:
I will concur that there is something going on behind the scenes with these two costars. Can you say Robsten, round two?

Dear Ted:
You made the following statement in regards to Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone: "These two would be putty in Robsten's hands." I'm at an absolute loss as to what the freaking heck this statement could possibly mean. Seriously, if this was written in Martian I would be no less informed of your intent here. Please throw me a bone and give me even just a vague hint at what your point is. I promise to not even say a word about the talented and hot William Fichtner because I'm so lost in the verse. I just want my freedom. Don't abandon me here, Ted.

Dear Finchtner-Tongued:
That's Martian-speak for they wouldn't be quite the A-list couple that Robsten have become. 

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