Rise 'n' Shine: Becks to Make Closing Ceremonies More Awesome Than Opening Ones

The soccer superstar will show up at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics; plus, more nuggets of gossip to start your morning

By Jennifer Cady Aug 14, 2008 4:06 PMTags
David BeckhamBarry King/WireImage.com

• David Beckham will be at Beijing's closing ceremonies to pick up the Olympics and bring them over to London. His hometown will then face the impossible challenge of out-opening-ceremonying China in 2012.

When Jessica Simpson talked abuse to Elle, she may have been referring to the mean girls of her high school who were jealous of her rack.

Most recent Mayer/Aniston reports say that Jen broke up with John because of his "roving eye." After three strikes, he was totally out, and now look how sad he is.

It only took 13 years for Full House's Uncle Joey to admit he really hurt Alanis Morissette way back whenever they dated. Better late than never?

• Mary-Kate Olsen is reportedly "burning" through her annual $20 million income by spending too much on travel, jewelry, clothes and especially security. That sounds fun!