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Jeff Riedel / HBO

Green Is Universal

Forget blood-sucking. True Blood has a taste for green!

And it turns out some of our favorite television vampires could quite possibly be one of the most eco-friendly group of actors around...

"I have a rule—if I touch it, I am responsible for it,"  Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam, tells us. "I take all plastic home to my recycle bin every day. Lids from Starbucks, plastic cups, water bottles, food containers. It weighs nothing! It really is not that big an effort for this beautiful earth."

In fact, Bauer says costar Stephen Moyer helps with greening the set.

"Stephen and I are always asking for a recycle bin," she said. "I hate to feel like I am being that annoying person, so I try to just be better myself."

Bauer also gushed over Moyer and wife Anna Paquin's work with the Facing the Atlantic charity. Alexander Skarsgård supported the IFAW's whale campaign alongside Bauer by doing a whale tail photo. And Rutina Wesley, Tara Buck and Michelle Forbes all helped with animal rescue org the Amanda Foundation's "True Blood Hounds" event last year.

Bauer cooed,  "I could go on and on about this incredible group."

So could we. What a dream team!

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