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So True So False, STSF

There's no getting around the fact that Real Housewives of New York's main mean girl Jill Zarin has been making the media rounds looking a little more, uh, refreshed than usual. If you catch our drift.

There's also no getting around the fact that the women on Bravo's (mostly) hit franchise aren't exactly unfamiliar with the wonders of modern science (or a scalpel).

Which is why viewers quickly surmised that Zarin's suddenly youthful visage was down to a visit to a plastic surgeon, a belief seemingly backed by the reality star's steadfast refusal to deny the rumor (and questioning of what, exactly, constitutes "work") and her rep's coy attempts at a no comment.

Until today, that is, when Jill finally gave the world a straight answer. So, is it true? Did the Real Housewife have a little work done? You won't have to watch what happens—just read it. Because this rumor is…

So true! But, in true Jill style, even as she confirmed it, she denied it.

"I have not used any plastic surgery, but I will let you know what I have had done," she said on today's Wendy Williams Show. "I go to Dr. Pat Wexler, she's like the best. What she does is a liquid facelift, which is different than a real facelift."

So there you have it…it ain't natural, just as you suspected all along (gold stars all around!).

Still, her disclosure begs one question—a liquid facelift? What the Silex?

According to Jill, her doctor—who has also reportedly treated Joan Rivers, Kathie Lee Gifford and Ellen Barkin—"injects Restalyne on the side [of her face] and it gives you a pull so you don't fill in the smile lines, because that's too inaccurate."

She also admitted to having had Botox in her chin and forehead, but—for some reason—is claiming that her real beauty secret isn't the steady stream of injectables that's been plunged into her face, but her new favorite hairstyle. Per Zarin, her high ponytail has been pulling her mug, giving it the illusion of a natural facelift.

So maybe she should've started with that. If it's worked such wonders, she might not have needed to stick the poison in her face. Oh, well. The Real Housewives aren't exactly known for their forethought.

Just their foreheads.

—Reporting by Ashley Fultz

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