Rosie O'Donnell, Howard Stern

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Who would've thought these two would ever be confidants?

Rosie O'Donnell was talking love to her former nemesis Howard Stern, revealing to the satellite shock jock on her SiriusXM Rosie Radio show that she's back with her girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders and that, in fact, they never really split in the first place. (The duo were rumored to have broken up in February after dating for a year.)

"We didn't really break up," Rosie explained after the king of all media popped in to surprise her in the studio last week. "She just has six kids...and I have four. It's insanity."

Stern, as usual, steered the conversation towards sex, asking Rosie how it is. She opened up about that, and all about her new show on OWN, here...

Stern got into the question of whether Rosie was still seeing her gal-pal, probing her with, "What's going on with the love life?"

"We're still seeing, we're still doing it," Rosie answered, admitting that the sex is "very good" and joking that they do it in "sign language" because they have to stay quiet with 10 kids in the house.

 And then it was on to Stern's nemesis, Oprah.

"The big question is, do you think I'll be allowed on your new Oprah show, because Oprah hates me?" he asked.

Rosie smoothed it over by talking about how far she and the radio god have come in their now very tight friendship. "All I can say is, think back a couple of years...What was the chance that you and I would be hangin', talkin', IMing?"

Stern told her he was "sad" to see her leaving radio. The former daytime talk queen's last day at SiriusXM is June 1. She'll then head to Chicago every other week for five-day periods to tape two shows a day in Oprah's studio.

"How are you gonna do that with the kids and everything else that you have going on—the menagerie that is your life?" asked Stern.

Rosie talked about how hectic her schedule will get with her bi-weekly flying commute, but said eventually the show may come to New York and that the concept of five kids-free nights is "kind of exciting." Her brood will stay on the East Coast with her ex-wife, Kelly Carpenter.

But even odder than her friendship with Stern or all her sex talk? This tidbit about her part time Chi Town residency: She'll be resting her head every night in her arch enemy Donald Trump's building, the Trump Hotel.

"They got the penthouse. It's going to be fantastic in a lot of ways," she laughed.

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