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Your favorite musical dramedy is finally back this week, and we've got scoop on the future of Glee's star-crossed Wemma, plus, a couple of new characters, and which rival is driving Rachel Berry crazy now?

Plus, what's the latest on Chuck's renewal chances, what's in store for Callie and Arizona after the wedding on Grey's Anatomy, and what's to come on cable faves like Justified, The Killing and Game of Thrones? Get all that and more in this week's all-new spoiler chat:

LaurenHarris: I want to know the fate of some of the newer shows: Breaking In, Happy Endings, Traffic Light.
We'll be addressing the fates of all of these shows and more in our Save One Show campaign, which starts this week. Get excited, TV fans! (P.S. It won't be officially canceled until May, but we're almost entirely certain Traffic Light is dead as a doornail. Sorry, we liked that poor little show too.)

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Glee, Matthew Morrison, Gwyneth Paltrow

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BambieSHHS: Can I haz some Wemma?
You can haz. Will-Emma fans will not have to wait until next season to finally see some momentum for their favorite red-headed germaphobe and curly-haired man who has a butt-chin. That we can promise you. Especially since Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) is almost outta here for good! "[This week] is the last episode for her this season," Matthew Morrison assures us. On the other hand, he also revealed that he hopes she "comes back for season three." Geez, who gave him permission to invite Holly back to McKinley?

Katrina: Glee?!
Producers are casting for two new characters: someone to play Becky's (Lauren Potter) Donna Jackson, as well as for someone to play a minister. Oooh…could he or she be officiating at a wedding—or a funeral?

MonicatheGleek: I'd love some Glee scoop!
Don't expect Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) to welcome back Sunshine Corazon (Charice) with open arms, looks like their diva rivalry is still on. Oh, it's on! However Rachel's spidey senses might not be far off if Sunshine is actually a sweet tiny spy in their midst. Gasp! We can't put anything past Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby (Cheyenne Jackson): He learned from the best, Rachel's birth mama, Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel). Wow, this show is a little convoluted.

Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, Grey's Anatomy


jennurse00784: Grey's Anatomy scoop! 
Jackson's fancy Avery family connections have not been forgotten. Jesse Williams tells us, "There'll be some Harper Avery conversations even towards the end of this season. Jackson and Chief might be working on a project that might come under consideration for winning a Harper Avery. I would love to see Chelcie Ross come back; he played my grandfather. So yeah, I think that's something we can always either touch down on—I'm looking forward to finding out more about that family relationship for Jackson." James Pickens shared a little more about the research behind Jackson's push for Chief Resident: "It's a trial thing we're trying to do. Some rodents. They are going to be test subjects. It's going to be very funny. I'm looking forward to working with Jesse who plays Jackson."

canadagirl86: Any new Grey's wedding news?
Sara Ramirez
tells us that wedding bells aren't the end of drama for Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy: "We're not a Hallmark card, and there's always ups and downs, and that's how life goes. I personally just wonder how the whole baby and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), how all of that is going to play out, if the relationship between Callie and Mark—because of the baby and their history—will trigger something for Arizona? Will that continue to cause friction? And when you share a child with someone, they're not going anywhere. There going to be there, but it's about establishing boundaries. So I'm curious to see who's going to establish what boundary and in what way and if that's going to cause any drama. Because I can only imagine that in Arizona's position, I could totally understand just wanting someone to draw a boundary and say, 'OK, he's the dad, but he doesn't get to show up all the time.' "

Yvonne Strahovski, Zachary Levi, Chuck


maryploppins613: Chuck Chuck Bo Buck...
…banana-fana fo...wait a minute. You almost got us with that one! No F-bombs here. Except for maybe one: freedom. As in, Chuck and Sarah's last night of freedom with bachelor and bachelorette parties! "There's some good action in the bachelorette party," Yvonne Strahovski tells us. As for the bachelor party, the boys will be taking Las Vecas by storm! No typo there. Las Vecas is a campground, so prepare for some rustic male bonding.

Jessi_RS: Will Chuck & Sarah get married?
We certainly hope so! The good news is that Yvonne told us she had a say in her wedding dress, so at least we know there's a dress happening. "Do I or do I not end up wearing the wedding dress? That is the question," she says coyly. "I did have a say in [my wedding dress], but we don't know if the wedding will happen or not." Zachary Levi adds: "Something may stop the wedding from happening; we don't know. Lives are in danger, hijinks aplenty." Damn those hijinks! 

Sepanie523: How do you feel about Chuck's renewal chances? And what's all this about Chuck and Sarah maybe not making it to the wedding?
Like every season, Chuck's fate remains up in the air while they shot the finale. "Every year we're always wondering if we're coming back or not and this season is no different," Zach says to us. "The writers have been very good always about writing a final episode that has closure but also has kind of an open feel to it. And we do that again this year." If, horrors upon horrors, this is Chuck's last season, fans will get things wrapped up. Personally, we feel pretty good about Chuck's renewal chances, so it's good to know that the finale opens up more spy-nerdiness for next season.

Justified, Timothy Olyphant

Prashant Gupta / FX

lauren198: How about anything related to my favorite show Justified!
We never get tired of talking about how awesome Justified is. It's so awesome! This week's episode is no exception. We'll admit we are suckers for bad boys and Boyd (Walton Goggins) is a bad bad boy. This week Boyd is staking his claim on the seedier aspects of Harlan County and in doing so he'll be making some dangerous enemies. No doubt Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) will be out for blood when he learns of the latest tragic collateral damage. Oh, we can't wait!

Terry: Raising Hope!
Have you been dying to know what the Chance clan was up to five years ago? You're in luck! The season finale flashes us back five years to when people were fatter, had braces and Virginia (Martha Plimpton) wore barrettes. Thing that sucks about this hilarious trip in adorable baby Hope. We love that kid. Seriously the best-acting twin babies in this town.

Edwina: White Collar?
Chuck Bartowski has his Charles Carmichael (John Larroquette), and now Neal Caffrey is getting "Carlisle." This new White Collar character is a fancy-dressin' thief with his own office, plus a really ugly criminal record. Who shall play this nemesis/mentor fellow? Casting call in the comments, ya'll.

Mjbader: What is happening on Parenthood? Amber was in the car crash at the end of last week's episode, does she make it?
Really? You want us to spoil that? Let's just say we hope you have your box of tissues ready. Oh heck, head to Costco immediately and buy a case of tissues before Tuesday's finale. Such an emotional episode and everyone gets a chance to shine or cry as the case may be, but Lauren Graham really shines and cries. It's a tearjerker in all the right ways.

Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke

HBO/Helen Sloan

emolozzie: Any Game of Thrones scoop?
In Westeros, those adorable dire wolf pups are about to be front and center. And across the Narrow Sea, Dany (Emilia Clarke) is naked a lot. Good times!

Eu: Who's the killer on The Killing?
All we can say is that bloodhounds Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) are currently following the wrong scent. And that Stan is not innocent—we're not saying he's guilty of Rosie's murder, just that he's not innocent.

Daniele from Jackson, Wyo.: I heard rumors that Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough is going to be on Better With You. When and what's the episode about? I am a huge fan and am so sad he's not on DWTS right now.
You heard right! Derek Hough will be making his guest appearance on the show April 25 right after Dancing With the Stars. Of course Derek will be dancing, so you can get your Derek booty-shaking fix, but in this episode he won't be the only one. Casey (Jack Lacy) and Mia (Joanna Garcia-Swisher) take dance classes in order to perfect their first dance for their wedding reception. Derek himself tells us, "Casey pretends that he is a terrible dancer but I, as the dancing instructor, could see right through him. I knew that no one could dance that badly, that good. He turns out to be an excellent dancer, but I insist that he keep his dancing skill a secret because I know what it's like. Girls don't like when their man is a better dancer than they are." 

BonesFan021: The Chicago Code, any news would be wonderful.
When we talked to the extremely nice and charming Matt Lauria at the College TV awards, he gave us some insight into the Caleb-Jarek partnership: "Caleb is now a little less hesitant to assert himself and go head to head if that what it takes to assert himself in the relationship. There's going to be some headbutting, I think there's going to be some team building too." Lauria says, "The more respect that occurs, the more good dirty fun we can get into together." We like good dirty fun.

Johadji: Any Chicago Code spoilers?
Remember in Shawn Ryan's other little TV show, The Shield, there was a wonderful actress who played Vic Mackey's (Michael Chiklis) long suffering ex? Well guess who is coming to Chicago? Yep that's right, Shawn Ryan's real-life wife, Cathy Cahlin Ryan guest stars. Truly, nepotism at its finest. Her character is fantastic, deliberate and cuts straight through the BS and calls out Vonda (Devin Kelley) and Isaac (Todd Williams) on their workplace romance. Uh oh, if she spotted the more-than-partners chemistry so quickly it's only a matter of time before Uncle Jarek (Jason Clarke) starts busting skulls.

THE OFFICE, Steve Carell

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wingster55: Anything. I say ANYTHING on Michael Scott's/Steve Carell's last two episodes of The Office.
You'll be happy to hear that you aren't the only one all choked up about Steve's final episodes. "Look, Steve leaving was brutal. And I say brutal and it's not being overly dramatic," John Krasinski tells us. "The last shot of the day was my character saying "goodbye" to his character, which was a huge existential meltdown. I was saying 'goodbye' to him on camera before or at the same time I was saying 'goodbye' to him in real life so, it was tough." On the plus side, everyone at The Office seems very optimistic about next season. "I feel like this is our spin-off because the show without Steve is a totally different show. We're really, really excited." John says. Personally, we're looking forward to how Jim says farewell to Michael. After all, he was the one who told him to "never give up" on winning Pam. Look at them now! Oh, the tears are starting already.

Krystal: I want know about Pretty Little Liars!!
They sure left us hanging, didn't they? We begged star Lucy Hale at the GLAAD Media Awards about what to expect when Pretty Little Liars finally returns June 14, and she dished: "We're getting some old characters—some of the older characters that went away in the first-season arc are going to come back." Could she mean Emily's GF Maya? Noel Kahn? Skeevy Detective Darren Wilden? Or all of the above? Share your suspicions in the comments!

katiedv22: Any Nate, Serena or Vanessa news—or just any Gossip Girl news outside of CB/DB?
Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran tells us, "Nate (Chace Crawford) continues his relationship with Raina (Tika Sumpter), and he's very much folded into that story. And Vanessa tries to get back in the good graces of everybody, and we'll see she'll end of trying larger and larger things until there is one very very big thing that will happen that changes things."

babyjameson9: Fringe!!!
Fringe boss Joel Wyman tell us, "[Stories from Over There are] not going to end. It's part of the language of the series now...We [now] know that everybody has really invested in the stories over there, and we can promise that it will be even more compelling and we're going to develop those characters even more and we're going to see more of our characters through their eyes and their characters through our eyes...The baby will be part of it, but how it's handled—this is Fringe. It won't be normal."

Erica Durance, Tom Welling, Smallville

_Blenz_: Any spoilers about my fav dynamic duo Clark and Lois! Any cool scenes that are coming up that would make me SQUEE & pass out?
"Prophecy" is the episode for you! It's a big episode for Clois. Lois (Erica Durance) will be getting Clark's (Tom Welling) powers, but it's more than just an excuse to see her kick some ass. "It's kind of funny because we were trying to figure out what the last thing would be that would help their journey to really deserve to be together and really understand each other," EP Kelly Souders tells us. "And that was an idea that came out of the writer's room: to give her powers. Lois learns a lot from it, a lot of it good, some of it bad."

TourOfTheGalaxy: I need some juicy details about Clark and Lois. I'll take anything you have to have something! Pretty please!
Nothing we love more than polite Spoiler Chat questions! Kelly reveals that Clois fans should definitely pay attention to the episode titled "Dominion," especially for those interested in Lois' development. "Clark [goes] up against Zod, and Zod plays a critical role in this episode. [But] Lois has an important journey in that episode becoming Lois Lane." Cassidy Freeman also promises us some scenes coming up involving Lois finally becoming part of the In Crowd. "We do have a really cool episode where it's up to both Clark and I to realize that Lois is part of the team," she says. "It's difficult for us to remember to share the same information with her because she has been "out" for so long and we do."

Stewart: Got any scoop on Damages? I just got DirecTV so I can watch the fourth season!
Glenn Close
and Rose Byrne will be joined by another stellar cast of characters when season four returns this July, including John Goodman and Saving Grace's hunky Bailey Chase as Ellen's new lawyer boyfriend. Rose tells us of her new romance: "We have a good adult relationship...I feel like Ellen is traumatized by her past, so its an easier thing and there isn't any drama around it." That may be, but we're still going to miss Wes (Timothy Olyphant)!

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

Jack Rowand/The CW

fallen_soul7: Supernatural spoilers, please. 
The Alpha Vampire returneth! EP Bob Singer tells us that even though the writers haven't really discussed bringing him back, they are more than up for it. "We love that character. And if I was betting I would say he would [return]."

Lawrence in Boise, Idaho: Anything on Supernatural!
In an upcoming episode where the boys are hunting down Eve (Julia Maxwell), Bob reveals: "There is a nice little twist when they zero in on where she is and when we find out what she has been up to. I don't think [fans] will be disappointed with that [episode]; it has a lot of twists and turns. And one really cool twist at the end."

Kendall in W. Va.: Thanks for the awesome Nikita scoop! I love Devon Sawa, so give me good news on him coming back next season!
Devon certainly wants to return, so that's step one. "I hope so. I enjoy doing the show so we will see," he tells us. As for Owen's storyline for the remainder of the season: "I would love to see some redemption. With every episode Nikita gets better, that's just what happens. And I think by the end of the season people are just going to be blown away."

sarah_randall2: One Tree Hill info! There are still fans out here!
Duh. We are part of those fans! When we chatted with Kate Voegele, she told us she'll be debuting her new single, "Heart in Chains," during the finale, and it even ties in with her storyline. "Mia leaves Tree Hill to go on tour because she just doesn't want to fight over Alex with Chase and she wants to focus on what she really loves, her music," Kate says. "So she gets out of town and I think the song is a reflection of how that really helped her get back to her roots and get past that feeling of being stuck."

Gwen: Got anything on Big Bang Theory?
Mayim Bialik is definitely smart enough to keep her mouth shut on the finale of Big Bang Theory, but she did give us this: "I think that what's fun about my character—it's hard to reveal anything without revealing the entire show—is that she just gets weirder and weirder and it all works. That's what's fun about this character. There are no boundaries for her, she has never been a social person so everything she does is for the first time, and it's insane, it's really crazy." Hmm, we wonder what first-time experience is coming up for Amy…

__Krystal__: I want know about 90210!
Shenae Grimes is dubious about continuing her education, at least in terms of her character. "I think the decision was [for Annie to go to] Carnegie Mellon," she tells us."But we've kind of all decided that we're all going to different universities, and I can't imagine that to be the case if we are to come back, because that won't really work out. So, I don't know what's going to happen." Maybe everyone gives up college to teach at West Beverly High? Hey, weirder things have happened on the CW.

—Reporting by Jenna Mullins, Christina Dowling, Dru Moorhouse, Gigi Dubois and Jennifer Arrow

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