Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Share a Kiss at the Water for Elephants Premiere!

Robsten are going strong as the pair show off some PDAs at Rob's Water for Elephants red carpet

By Cristina Gibson, Ted Casablanca, Aly Weisman Apr 18, 2011 6:22 PMTags
Robert Pattinson, Kristen

Congratulations to the 46.1 percent of you who had faith in Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and believed "Yes! She did before and she will once more" in response to our Will Kristen Prove Her Love and Rock Rob's Red Carpet? poll.

K.Stew did show to Rob's Water for Elephants premiere in New York City last night, looking uh-mazing and even engaged in some PDA with her man!

So to the 39.9 percent of you who thought "maybe" K would show and to the 14 percent of you who believed she couldn't "care less" about Rob's premiere, here's what we have to say to you...

Na na na na na na. Hate to say we told ya so, but we did!

News first broke on Twitter that Kristen would be attending the premiere when her makeup artist, @Beau_Nelson, tweeted, "Just did Kristen Stewart for the Water for Elephants Premier. She looks stunning in J. Mendel with a dark burgundy lip!"

Nelson even spilled his K.Stew beauty secrets, tweeting that he used "@covergirl Natureluxe foundation, Lashblast Mascara, Platina Shadow and Burgendelicious L/s on KS 2nite."

And yes, while Stewart's makeup looked amazing, it's these pics of she and Rob smooching in the car leaving the premiere party that are making us naturally blush.

While Rob made his way down the red carpet in a tux, a source tells us that Kristen arrived to the premiere through a back door.

What a perfect compromise: Camera-shy Kristen gets to skip the red carpet, but still quietly showed up to support her main man.

The couple, however, were not as quiet at the premiere's afterparty at Le Cirque restaurant, which was decorated with brass elephants and circus balls to stay with the film's theme.

According to reports, Robsten were inseparable all night as they enjoyed beers, hung out with Rob's family and left the party together hand in hand around 1 a.m.

Check out the video below to see Robsten leaving the premiere and looking super happy together. K.Stew is even holding on to Rob's arm as they get in the car together.

These two engaging in PDA? We are totally loving this new era of Robsten. Bring it!