Don't ask Nicolas Cage how his weekend went.

On the upside (or downside), the arrest in New Orleans wasn't the actor's first lowlight. Some other moments that might've left you closing your eyes, too: 

1. His Home Was Invaded by a Naked Man: In 2007, a 45-year-old tailor walked into Cage's Newport Beach, Calif., house, stripped and helped himself to one of the star's leather jackets. The Con Air vet intercepted the intruder and alerted security while his wife, Alice Kim, and young son slept. 

2. He Had to Sell One of His Castles: Put yourself in Cage's designer shoes: If you'd earned enough to buy two castles, then wouldn't you feel crappy about having to unload one? And wouldn't you feel even worse if you'd paid $70 million in federal taxes, only to find out you'd underpaid to the tune ofyipes—$14 million? Money woes are money woes—and they stink.

3. Lisa Marie Presley Called Their Marriage (All Three-and-a-Months of It) a "Big Mistake:" Ouch. Simply ouch. 

4. He Was Falsely Accused of Stealing a Chihuahua: In 2008, Cage, who had not yet been arrested for anything, was understandably peeved when a memoir penned by Peggy Sue Got Married costar Kathleen Turner (and serialized in a U.K. newspaper) asserted he'd been busted for DUI and, yes, dog-napping. Cage sued Turner in Britain, which has stricter libel laws, and won an apology, plus a donation to the charity of his choice. 

5. Superman Broke His Heart—Twice: In 1998, the confirmed Man of Steel man was just weeks away from playing the big guy when the plug got pulled on the Tim Burton project. Three years later, his rare copy of Action Comics No. 1, featuring the first appearance of the last son of Krypton (and the namesake of his son, Kal-El), got stolen. Well, at least he got the comic book back

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