Prince William, Kate Middleton, George Michael

Mario Testino / Clarence House Press Office Via Getty Images; Don Arnold/

William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Having snubbed Prince William once before, George Michael couldn't let the royal's wedding go by without making amends.

And so the British pop star, who once refused to play a duet with Elton John at Wills' request during one of Princess Diana's Christmas parties becuase he "just can't deal with singing in front of small crowds," has recorded a song especially for the prince and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton. And, according to Michael, it has the couple's stamp of approval!

Which is good news for Stevie Wonder, too, because it's his song (and you can play it after the jump)...

While Michael took to Twitter for song suggestions, thinking he'd have a few back-up plans in case William and Kate nixed his original idea, they apparently liked his vision: a cover of Wonder's 1972 ballad "You and I."

The single, which enjoyed its debut Friday on Piers Morgan Tonight, is available for free downloading on, where you will also be directed to the Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund (no Keurig coffee machines for those two!).

"I'm incredibly happy for William, incredibly happy for his partner, and I'm absolutely sure that Diana would have loved the whole thing. I really hope she would have loved this track," Michael said.

He just has to have faith.

Listen to "You and I" right here—and then go get a copy for yourself, and maybe make a contribution. Consider it your gift to the happy couple!

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