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Dear Ted:
After reading the comment boards (I know, never a good idea) on a few of the articles you've done on Jennifer Lawrence, I feel like I need to speak up. I grew up with Jennifer in Louisville (she is not a redneck from the hills of Kentucky, although I understand why her wonderful acting would confuse people) and she was nothing but a wonderful, sweet girl. She always had a huge personality that was clearly ready for more, but her family still lives and works in Louisville and I have no doubt that her mom will make sure she keeps a good head on her shoulders. Just a reminder that these stars are also people. They may vice every once in a while (and I love when they do), but don't we all?

Dear Jennifer's Pal:
Glad to hear that about Jennifer, Hollywood definitely needs more grounded gals. Unlike some A-listers, the more we hear about Jen, the more we grow to love her. After all, the role of Katniss was the role to nail in H'wood and casting directors said Jen blew them away. No doubt this gal is going to totally rock the role—and we can't wait.

Dear Ted:
Please stop with the Jennifer Lawrence/Kristen Stewart stuff. I don't see how a simple comment regarding an actor reading/not reading a book is nothing. She sounded slightly surprised to me. Plus interviews are not word for word and the columnist could have played it in many ways. It's not like she said Kristen was a terrible actress or anything—now that's a diss! Please stop making drama that only exists to the readers on your board. Thank you.

Dear Drama Hater:
We never said the two hated each other! Only that they are both the faces of very similar franchises, but both girls approach the leading roles in different ways. Jennifer's not going to follow Kristen's lead on this one—and we simply suggested that one may end up being the better heroine. 

Dear Ted:
I used to really like you, but now you're being a bitch! Make up your mind. You used to say you heart K.Stew and then you write that terrible article about her and Jennifer Lawrence? Come on! You like audiences don't you? So don't write things like that because you are clearly loosing the few fans you have left, and please don't pretend like you don't care.

Dear Bitch-Police:
We didn't say horrible things about either girl. We still, and always will heart K.Stew mucho. Case closed.

Dear Ted:
I know, I know, I know the answer to the Cookie Muncher riddle! Reese Witherspoon! Am I right?

Dear Legally Wrong:
Reese just got married! She was too busy planning a wedding to dabble in any munching festivities. Besides, Cookie Muncher is less into movies than Reese. 

Dear Ted:
I think it's terribly sad and telling that, once again, someone like Scarlett Johansson is making headlines for looking "bloated" while exercising. She's clearly taking care of her body, and I think she looks very fit and strong with a healthy percentage of body fat. Why shouldn't that qualify as the "best shape of her life"? I'm a longtime fan of yours, Ted, so I know you appreciate healthy, curvy women in lieu of the starving, coked-up chicks. So why the negative focus on her this week?

Dear The Penn Factor:
We are much more concerned with Scar's sexy, older rebound that is Sean Penn. Her body wouldn't have been brought into the picture (pun intended), had she not been caught jogging with two Hollywood A-listers. Besides, that outfit was awful. If you wear those hideous shoes and run with Sean Penn, you're askin' for it. 

Dear Ted:
This is my first time writing to you, but I read Bitch Back! every day, and I can't wait for the weekly Truth, Lies and Ted...and I really only believe your gossip, I find it to be the only truth out there. So here goes my question. I just read that Robert Pattinson gave my favorite girl a promise ring. Somehow I just don't buy this, but could it be true? I know they dig each other, and that with how much of a romantic he seems to be, would that be something he might do?

Dear Rob Puts A Ring On It:
Everyone is always speculating over Robsten rumors, but if this one is true, it definitely seems like something Rob would do. After all, he does want to have kids someday, and he has said he never cheats and is very committed in a relationship. Dude is the type to show his commitment to Kris, and what better time than now as Breaking Dawn wraps up! As for Truth, Lies, and Ted, I was out with bronchitis this week, had to apologize since we didn't post, but I'm ready to dish even more gos' next week. 

Dear Ted:
Loved all three [The Hunger Games novels]—read them in like 50 hours straight through. So good—except for the very end, which I loathed. Hope you'll share what you think ;)

Dear Big Fans:
We love the books as well, and since we have never been happy with the writing in Twilight films, we can't wait to see these books play out on the big screen. Thoughts on the next casting?

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper is just a horrible rumor!

Dear Hook-up:
If it's not, it will be over as fast as this fling began. 

Dear Ted:
I just love your column! I think I am border-line obsessed. Will you please tell me if Sally Pearlsmyth is Leighton Meester? I heard her ex (Sebastian Stan) was extremely upset when they broke up. Sort of fits Sally and Percy. Thanks!

Dear Good Guess:
No, but you're awfully close.

Dear Ted:
What will Rob and Kristen do? I will fall out of my chair if they show up together and walk the red carpet together? I'd like to see all the photographers tripping over each other to get the pictures!

Dear A Robsten Red Carpet:
Us too! And we think it's about time the couple starts stepping out together. There's just no reason to deny us the deliciousness of this relaysh. 

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