Green TV Star Parties at Martha Stewart's House, Pees in Her Backyard

Stars of Fabulous Beekman Boys dish on all their celeb friends

By Marc Malkin, Brett Malec, Cassandra Perez Apr 19, 2011 11:30 PMTags
Brent Ridge, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Martha StewartJason Merritt/WireImage.com; Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell had us at their wellies!

The iconic rubber boots have quickly become the real life-couple's signature footwear. They even walk red carpets wearing the waterproof kicks. But it's not like they don't need them.

The two, who have been together for 11 years, star in The Fabulous Beekman Boys, their Planet Green reality show that centers around their lives living and working on a farm in upstate New York. They not only grow and raise 80 percent of their food, they also have a line of green products, including soaps, home goods, cheeses and even stationary.

Their celeb fans include Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnell, Tori Spelling and Martha Stewart (Brent used to work for the homemaker guru). And you're not going to believe what Josh recently revealed to us about peeing in Martha Stewart's back yard.

We kid you not...

Which of your celeb fans are most eco-friendly?
Josh: Martha [Stewart] is.
Brent: She's probably the ultimate. She has her green cleaning products and her farm. She raises a lot of her own food.
Josh: And recycles everything.
Brent: We helped Rosie [O'Donnell] and her garden last year [when] she started a vegetable garden.
Josh: She does her radio show at her house. We went to do that, and on our way out she was like, "Here's my garden. It needs help." So we were at her house weeding her garden for her.

Brent, you used to work for Martha. What's she like?
Brent: I love Martha. She's my girl crush.
Josh: I respect Martha. Martha's parties are perfect. I just don't always like going—they're too perfect!

Do you get nervous around her?
Josh: She has this thing called the Peony Party every spring when her peonies are in bloom. And the last time I went—which is probably the last time I'll ever be invited—I was too embarrassed to ask where the restrooms were so I wound up peeing in her woods.
Brent: I didn't know that... Martha's a natural girl. She's probably pees in the woods, too.
Josh: Martha does not pee in the woods!
Brent: I bet she would if she had to! She would not have anything against it.

What tips do you have for celebs to be more environmentally friendly?
Brent: Celebrities should carpool to the Oscars. Those big limos for just one person, that's just for ego. Ten or 12 Oscar nominees could fit in one limo.

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